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Five Features of Fabric Tear Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:130


Fabric Tear Tester is used to measure the tear strength of various woven fabrics and packaging materials. It can also be used to measure the tear strength of thick paper, plastic cloth, electrical tape, etc.

Instrument for tearing fabricFeatures:

1. Double pendulum structure design minimizes resistance and provides higher testing accuracy;

2. Weigh the bottom plate to prevent shaking and provide better test stability;

3. Flexible double spring clamp design allows easy and firm clamping of samples;

4. The light weight loading tool makes loading heavy weights easier.

5. The combined test weights meet different testing needs, with a wide range of test ranges of 200 cN, 400 cN, 800 cN, 1600 cN, 3200 cN, 6800 cN, 13600 cN and 30 000 cN, which can meet the tear strength tests of different materials such as fabrics, paper and cardboard. , plastic films, etc. , test units are available in MN, CN,N, G, KG, OZ and LB.

6. The touchscreen LCD interface is easy to use. The safety lock locks the weight at the start and end of the test to ensure operational safety.

7. Equipped with an online PC interface, which can be connected to a PC to record and perform statistical analysis of test results. It has an EXCEL table export function and can automatically print test reports.