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Fabric Thickness Gauge

Author: Released in:2024-05-16 Click:7

Fabric Thickness Gauge

Fabric Thickness Gauge

Testing Standards:

JIS L1096/L1018, GB/T 3820, ISO 5084


Fabric Thickness Gauge is an apparatus to measure the thickness of fabric, knitwear, film, rubber, soft urethane form.

Product Information:

Fabric Thickness Gauge has a complete assortment of the pressure-foot and weights to conform the different test-methods.

As Analogue type is suitable for general textile and floor carpets mainly, digital type is suitable for pile fabric and knitted cloth.

The other pressure foot area and weight for special purpose can be manufactured as the user's requirements.

Technical Parameters of Fabric Thickness Gauge:

1. Measuring capacity (Standard-type): 0~10mm

2. Min. reading: 0.01mm

3. Area of pressure (Standard-type): 20cm2(φ: 50.5±0.01mm)

4. Measuring pressure: 0.3kPa (3gf/cm2), 0.7kPa (7gf/cm2) , 1.0kPa (10.2gf/cm2)

5. Access. weight: 80g (for 0.7kPa), 144g (for 1.0kPa)

6. Dimensions (approx.): W120×D150×H200mm