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Fabric tensile strength tester, single column QS-C02-1

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:60


This universal testing machine is designed to perform tensile, compression, bending, shear, adhesion, peel, tear and other tests on rubber, plastic, leather, metal, nylon cord, yarn, fabric, paper, Aviation, packaging and construction designed , petrification, electrician, vehicle and other materials.

It is a basic equipment for quality control, incoming inspection and physical testing, mechanical research, material development.


1.This fabric tensile strength tester adopts AC servo drive system. Reduction gear, synchronous pulley, TBI precision ball screw components, smooth instrument beam movement with low noise and high precision extension.2 .This fabric tensile strength tester uses an aluminum column housing, handles high temperatures and solidifies the injection on the machine surface will never fade.3.This device has many types of protection measures:a.Beam\'s limit cams guard b. lamp touch Avoid protecting the device c. Set up protection for move and load softwared.Sensor overload protection e.Load sample software protectionf.Overcurrent and overvoltage protection4 .Real-time monitoring of main parts, safer and more secure. reliable when using the machine. 5.This fabric Strength testing machineadopt open system: user can edit test program, data analysis formula, test report according to the category, the character and required test methods of the test material.6.This machine offers many kinds of humanity automatic modes. When using the electronic clamp, the verSearch initiation can be set as pinch grip autostart or preload autogrip start. In addition, the clamp will be opened automatically after the test is completed.7.This universal testing machine can also adjust the clamping distance and automatic position.8.When using an electronic clamp, the test initiation can be viewed as an automatic start of the clamping handle or as an automatic start of the preload handle. It can also be set as an automatic clamp opened after the test is completed.

9.This universal testing machine can also use the clampstand and adjust the automatic position.