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Experimental purpose of fabric spray water repellency tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:147

Fabric spray water repellency tester is mainly used for testing fabric water repellency. The sample surface is compared to the standard table to evaluate the water repellency of the fabric surface. R&D and production of testing equipment. It consists of a metal frame allowing distilled water to be sprayed through a nozzle onto the sample at 45° and 150 mm below the nozzle. Compare the appearance of the specimen to an optional photographic scale.

Test principle:

Under the specified conditions and procedures, spray water on a strained sample to form a wetting pattern on the surface, the size of which is the same as the repellent power of the fabric. Linked to water performance. The evaluation result is determined by comparing it to the standard model.

Complies with standards:

ISO 4920, BS EN 24920, BS 3702, GB/T 4745, AATCC 22, M&S P23, NEXT 23

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Structural features:

1. Simple structure, composed of main frame, funnel, nozzle, sample holder and sample holder;

2. The nozzle has a total of 19 evenly distributed holes, and the hole diameter is customized according to standard requirements. 250ml of water poured into the funnel can flow out of the nozzle in 25-30s;

3. The surface where the upper edge of the sample holder ring forms an angle of 45 ° relative to the horizontal plane;

4. The center of the circle where the upper edge of the sample holder ring is located, i.e. the distance between the center of the sample and the nozzle is 150 mm .

Technical characteristics:

1. The instrument is an entirely metal structure. Quantitative distilled water passes through the standard nozzle 150mm below the 45 degree jet to test the sample. After testing, the sample surface conforms to standard graphics cards forcomparison and evaluation;

2. A certain volume of distilled water is sprayed in the center of the fixed sample, the quality control nozzle togetherAdjustment and precise height adjustment at- above sample all guarantee the stability of the strict requirements of the standard. The flow rate and pattern of the spray water;

3. Use the included height adjustment ruler to fine tune the height of the sprinkler head.

Purpose and Scope:

1. The standard is applicable to any textile fabric, whether or not it has been treated with water-repellent properties. This standard measures the water resistance of fabrics and is particularly suitable for textiles treated with water-repellent properties, particularly plain fabrics.

2. Because this instrument is simple and portable, and the testing procedures are relatively simple, this standard makes this standard particularly suitable for product inspection in usine. Since this standard cannot measure the penetration of water droplets into fabrics, it is recommended that this standard should not be used to assess the rain penetration performance of waterproof fabrics.

3. The test results of this standard relate to the initial water repellency and wettability of the fiber, yarn and fabric finish, and have little to do with the structure of the fabric.