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European standard shrinkage testing machine

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European standard shrinkage testing machine

European standard shrinkage testing machine

The European standard Wascator FOM 71CLS LAB shrinkage testing machine is a European standard shrinkage testing machine that has long been a reference for textile laboratory standards. Used to test the shrinkage and appearance of fabrics after washing, fully meeting the requirements of European standards and testing requirements of retailers. The frequency controlled motor provides washing and speed control for the testing process.


1. Automatic addition and washing

2. Continuous washing and dehydration multiple times without interruption

3. Super strong shock-absorbing system, easy to fix and install at the bottom

4. Accurate volume control, with a volume deviation of ± 0.2L for each wash

5. Memory card, storing setting programs and having import and export functions

technical parameter

Name parameter

External condition voltage/frequency: standard ± 2%/standard ± 2%

Inlet water temperature: Cold water: (15 ± 2) ℃

Hot water (maximum): (60 ± 2) ℃

Water pressure: (240 ± 50) kPa

Inner cylinder diameter: (520 ± 1) mm

Depth: (315 ± 1) mm

Volume: 61L

Material: Stainless steel 2333 (SS 18/8)

Outer cylinder diameter: 554mm

Material: Stainless steel 2333 (SS 18/8)

Rotary drum speed washing speed: (20-59 ± 1) RPM

Dehydration speed: (200-1100 ± 20) RPM

Automatic thermostat optional range: (4-97) ℃

Step size: 1 ℃

Power supply 230V 3AC 50Hz/400-415V 3N AC 50Hz/415V 3N AC 50Hz

Airborne sound level 71 dB (A)

Dimensions (L x W x H): 690mm x 720mm x 1315mm

Weight 195kg

Compliant with standards

ISO5077/6330; M&S P1, P1A, P3A, P12, P91, P99, P99A, P134; BS EN 25077/26330; NEXT TM7/7A/7B, TM12; GB/T 8629; IWSTM 31; EC 456;