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European standard glass falling sand testing machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:106

Product introduction

Reference standard: European standard glasses The design and the test of the falling sand testing machine comply with EN166, EN168 and other standards. the lens to be rotated at a certain speed (250±10r/min), rub against a certain amount of quartz sand (3kg), and then observe the damage of the lens.

Technical parameters:

Instrument model: FLR-Y19European standard glasses falling sand testing machine

1. Pipe length: 1650 mm

2. Pipe diameter: 120 ± 3 mm

3. Example seat angle: 45 ± 1°

4. Test sample rotational speed: 250±10r/min

5. Diameter sample holder: 100 mm

6. Power supply: AC100~240V 50/60Hz

7 Dimensions: 55×55×2100CM (length×width×height)

8. Weight: 55 Kg

Test method:

1. Confirm thelens on the lens holder in the instrument;

2. Start the instrument, rotate the lens at a speed of 250±10r/min, and pour 3kg of quartz sand from the funnel at the top of the instrument. Pour it in and drain slowly;

3. Turn off the power, remove the lens and observe the damage to the lens.