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Engineers develop new technology to manufacture battery free wearable devices using washable fabrics

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-03 Click:26

In recent years, the popularity of wearable electronic devices has sharply increased, especially the popularity of smartwatches. Although these devices are usually waterproof, they definitely cannot be cleaned like clothes. Purdue University engineers have developed a new method to convert existing fabric items into washable, battery free wearable devices.

Smart clothes use flexible silk coils sewn into textiles for wireless power supply. This breakthrough may mean that future clothing will become intelligent. Due to the embedded miniaturization of circuits and sensors, the performance of smart fabrics will surpass traditional passive clothing. These circuits and sensors will allow seamless communication between mobile phones, computers, cars, and other devices.

Smart clothing can make users more efficient, check their health status, and may call for help in the event of an accident. A challenge in building this type of material in the past was that clothes needed to be cleaned regularly, and electronic products were often incompatible with water. To overcome this obstacle, engineers have developed a new spraying/stitching method that transforms traditional fabrics into battery free wearable devices that can be cleaned in washing machines. The team sprayed a highly hydrophobic molecule onto the smart cloth, causing it to repel water, oil, and mud. The team said that these smart clothes are almost impossible to get dirty and can be used underwater or cleaned in traditional washing machines without damaging the electronic components integrated inside.

Usually, the breathability of wearable electronic clothing decreases, making it uncomfortable to wear for a long time. However, the ultra-thin coating process of the new smart clothing makes it as elastic, stretchable, and breathable as traditional cotton shirts. The wearable electronic clothing created by Purdue University engineers does not require batteries. They provide power by collecting the energy of wireless waves in Wi Fi or the environment. The team is applying for a patent for it.