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Electrical sensors

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Electrical sensors

Electrical sensors

Display instrument, convenient for measurement, suitable for almost all force measurement fields without interference and in the shortest time. Easy to operate, making the display instrument suitable for large-scale measurements. Provide electronic devices for measurement and display, installed in sturdy enclosures. The LED digital display on the panel can be recognized even from a distance. Contains a peak memory. The minimum and maximum readings can be obtained through key operations. The measured values can be compared under the given specifications.

The electric load sensor adopts the most advanced sensor technology. Easy to operate and able to meet a wide range of customer requirements. This force sensor is suitable for any tension and pressure measurement, with high measurement accuracy.

In material testing, relevant measurement systems are also used in research and development fields. In addition, these force sensors are also suitable for industrial applications such as automation, controlling the pressing process, and bonding technology.

There are the following types of electric load sensors: 5kN, 300kN, 1000kN, 500kN, 200kN, 100kN, 50kN, 25kN, 10kN