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Drying rate tester

Author: Released in:2024-04-01 Click:18

Drying rate tester

Drying rate tester

The drying rate tester is a fully automatic textile drying rate tester designed according to the requirements of the American AATCC201 testing standard. The use of high-precision temperature sensors, wind speed sensors, and precision drip devices automatically completes the testing of fabric drying time and drying rate, as well as a series of data analysis work, greatly improving work efficiency and measurement accuracy, reducing errors and errors caused by human operations.

The testing host comes with a control panel and display screen, which can complete all tests without connecting to the computer. It can also transmit data to the computer through wireless WiFi. The data is displayed and saved in the form of curves and charts, making it convenient for users to analyze and print.

The instrument casing is made of thickened aluminum alloy sheet, which is sturdy, durable, and rust free.

Supporting standards:

AATCC201 standard

Testing principle:

The instrument simulates the drying process of sweat on the fabric during human sweating. The fabric is placed on a heating plate with a constant temperature of 37 ° C, and 0.2ml of water is dropped into the center of the heating plate. The sample is dried at a wind speed of 1.5m/s on the fabric. The instrument tests the temperature changes of the fabric through an infrared temperature sensor. Determine if the fabric has dried out. Test the drying time to obtain the drying speed.

Product scope:

Standard configuration: drying rate tester host, DRT computer analysis software, sample pressure plate.

Host technical parameters:

Heating plate: 305mmX305mm

Metal pressure plate: 150mm x 40mm x 2mm

Heating plate temperature: 37 ± 0.1? C

Temperature display resolution: 0.01? C

Wind speed: 1.5m/s ± 0.1m/s

Infrared temperature sensor: 15~50? C ± 0.1? C

Test fabric thickness: 0-10mm

Drip volume: 0.2ml ± 0.001mL (adjustable)

Data transmission: wireless WiFi

Power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 100W or AC110V ± 10%, 100W

External dimensions: 520 (L) x 400 (W) x 260 (H) mm l

Weight: approximately 30kg