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Dry state microbial penetration tester

Author: Released in:2024-04-23 Click:38

Dry state microbial penetration tester

Dry state microbial penetration tester

The dry state microbial penetration performance tester is specialized in measuring the bacterial penetration performance on dry particles within the range of material impedance and human dandruff size. During testing, the samples are fixed on separate containers. Among these containers, 5 containers carried Bacillus subtilis talc powder, and 1 container added unstained talc powder as a control. Insert one culture dish at the bottom of each container close to the time below.


The equipment supporting the container is oscillated by a gas ball oscillator, and all the talc powder penetrating the sample falls onto the culture dish, removing the culture dish for cultivation. Evaluate the experimental results by counting the growing colonies.


Compliant with standards:

ISO 22612; YY/T 0506.5-2009.


Product features:

Reliable design and stable testing;

Front switch type glass door, convenient for experimental personnel to observe and operate;

Detachable bracket with adjustable height;

Support and move dual-purpose casters;

The negative pressure experimental system is equipped with a fan exhaust system and an efficient inlet and outlet air filter to ensure the safety of operators;

Embedded high-speed industrial microcomputer control;

Specialized operating software with software parameter calibration and automatic fault detection


Main parameters:

Vibration form: pneumatic ball vibrator

Vibration frequency: 20800 times/minute

Vibration force: 650N

Workbench size: 40cm x 40cm x 10mm

Workbench medium: marble slab

Experimental container: stainless steel experimental container

Workspaces: 6

Cabinet negative pressure range: -50 Pa to -200 Pa

Efficient filter filtration efficiency: better than 99.99%

Ventilation flow rate of negative pressure cabinet: ≥ 5m3/min

Data storage capacity: 100000 sets

Working voltage: 220V 50HZ