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Drop Weight Fabric Tear Tester, Tear Force Range

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:54

The falling weight fabric tear tester is a testing equipment independently developed and produced by qisnun Precision Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. It is mainly used to measure the tear strength of various woven fabrics. It can also be used for thick paper, plastic fabric and electrical tape. Determination of equal tear strength.

Complies with standards:

ASTMD 1424 D689; NEXT 17; M&S P29; BE EN ISO 13937 4674; BS 4468; DIN EN 21974; GB/T 3917.1; ISO 1974


1. Testing the impact tear resistance of textiles, woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics, coated fabrics,

2. Silk, cotton, various Burst strength tests of paper, cardboard, single and multi-layer corrugated cardboard.

Main parameters:

1. Rip force range: A hammer: 0~16N; Marwater B: 0~32N; Hammer C: 0~64N;

2. Sample size: 100 (L) × 63 (W) mm;

3. Notch length: 20 ± 0.2 mm;

4. Tear length: 43mm.

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