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Driven by the trend of industrial digitization, intelligent building technology is flourishing

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-01 Click:99

Joseph Tay, Managing Director of Inventi, a company called Proptech, said that almost every building in the Philippines has incorporated technology in some form to cope with the pandemic, but the most successful in the new normal are those that make technology an indispensable part of it. Property management strategy.

Inventi pioneered smart buildings in the Philippines with its flagship property management software SmartBuildingSolutions (SBS).

Co founder and Chief Technology Officer EdsEncarnacion stated that properties that performed well during the pandemic included some of the earliest properties to adopt SBS, including office buildings, residential apartments, retail stores, and even properties on school campuses.

Encarnacion stated that one of Inventi's first clients was a cutting-edge private school that needed a way to easily manage two large campuses. Fortunately, schools implemented SBS before the pandemic, so that facility staff could continue to monitor and maintain various areas within the campus at the beginning of lockdown, despite a shortage of labor.

Another direct benefit noticed by Inventi's customers is improved cost management and employee productivity.

For building tenants, the highlight lies in improving convenience and safety. Arthaland Concierge Manager Rolph Mariano said, "With SBS, our tenants can easily submit service requests, boarding passes, and convenience bookings through mobile devices without having to go to the office or manually fill out forms.".

One thing that sets InventiSBS apart from software is its integration with IoT (Internet of Things) devices used in buildings, such as occupancy counters, thermal imagers, and indoor air quality monitors. Encarnacion states that SBS can collect and process this data to notify employees of potential unsafe incidents, such as congestion or decreased air quality, so that the team can quickly take action to address potential issues. This is particularly useful for Inventi's multi branch retail and food and beverage customers, as it can help them save on loss control costs, such as closing entire stores or stores.

Although it is still an emerging concept in the Philippines, smart buildings and software solutions that support them are becoming popular. So far, InventiSBS has been implemented in nearly 100 properties nationwide, largely due to the digital push necessary for the pandemic.

"Whether through simple temperature scanners or QR codes, the COVID-19 pandemic was the first time most properties attempted to use smart building technology to solve problems," Tay said.