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Double side adhesive tape digital display peeling testing machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:100

Product introduction

This machinedouble-sided tape digital display peeling tester

Using high-precision force sensor, microcomputer measurement and control technology, precision ball screw drive, low energy consumption, high-efficiency and quiet motor drive, it has many advantages, such as easy test, accurate force value, constant speed, beautiful appearance, stable and quiet operation, etc. It can perform various test items such as peeling, stretching, tearing, and pulling. The testing machine is a vertical structure with one cap screw and the sample is clamped vertically. The sample clamp is convenient, sturdy and durable. Electronic measurement and control technology is adopted, the LCD screen displays the force value, elongation and the breaking time of the sample, and the micro printer prints the test report. It has complete functions, simple ststructure and convenient operation and maintenance.

Standard Conformity:

Designed and manufactured in accordance with the provisions of National Standard GB2792-1998, and in accordance with ASTM D903, GB/T16491 , GB/T1040, GB/T8808, GB13022, GB/T 2790/2791/2792, CNS-11888, JIS K6854, PSTC-7 and many other national and international testing standards.

Technical parameters:

Specification model: FLR-302 Double-sided adhesive tape digital display peeling tester< /strong>

Capacity: 10N, 20N, 50N, 100N, 200N, 500N, 1000N, 2000N optional

Resolution: 1/200000

Accuracy: ≤ ±0, 5%

Test stroke: 800mm

Display: Chinese and English, LCD liquid crystal display

Test speed: 1.00~500.00mm/min optional setting

Speed ​​accuracy: ±1%

Dimensions: 300×330×1030mm

Weight: 55KG

Power supply: AC220V, 50HZ,1A

Default configuration: Doubleside adhesive tape digital display peeling testerOne instrument, one built-in microprinter, one pair of flat fixtures, one power cord, One set of operating instructions

This machine is an economical tape, composite film, self-adhesive material, film and other non-metallic materials such as tensile force testing equipment