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Detailed introduction to the principle of rubbing color fastness tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:118

Color fastness rub testerPrinciple:

Color fastness rub tester rubs the sample repeatedly with a white cotton cloth under a certain pressure and in a certain race. The specified number of times is used to evaluate the degree of fading by comparing the white cotton fabric with the stained gray sample card for dye fastness, which provides a basis for improving the dyeing of the fabric.

Rubbing Color Fastness TesterDetailed Introduction:

Rubbing Color Fastness Tester is mainly used for dyeing fibers Assessment and determination of color fastness to rubbing of products. Use dry or damp white cotton cloth to attach the friction mallet surface of the machine, rub the colored test piece with a certain load and a certain number of fois, then compare the gray mark to assess the friction fastness of the dye. It can also be used as a friction test for organic solvents. Number of test samples: 6 groups. Equipped with two sets of 200g and 500g test heads.

The color fastness to rub tester is based on the industrial standard textile color fastness test, the color fastness test method of rubbing colors (JIS L 0849) is the standard testing machine. It is mainly used to evaluate and determine the rubbing color fastness of dyed fiber products. By exchanging various accessories sold separately, it can be applied to the [hair transplantation resistance test] of hair grafted fabrics, [friction fading test] of artificial leather, friction resistance test and wear of cardboard, printing, ink, paint, etc. Machifriction resistance test suitable for a variety of materials.