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Decipher how a breathalyzer works

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:137

Alcohol Tester The expired alcohol content detector, commonly known as \"alcohol tester\", is one of the main test equipment of traffic management services to determine if a driver is driving under the influence of the alcohol.

The accuracy and reliability of test data depends on the fairness and scientificity of administrative law enforcement.

The wine tester verification device based on the liquid organic gas gas dispensing device will further improve the automatic control degree and work efficiency of the verification device, and will provide strong and reliable technical support for measuring instruments.

There is an electrochemical sensor in the breathalyzer, when the breath sample When alcohol molecules pass through the sensor, the alcohol is converted into acetaldehyde;

The release of electricitytrons causing the sensor current to change, the microprocessor measures the sensor current;

In order to quickly and accurately measure the alcohol content in the breath and convert it to alcohol content in the blood. Also issue a warning.

Its main components use new high-tech micro-variable oxide semiconductors, which can accurately detect the alcohol content of gas and will not be bothered by non-alcoholic gases such as smoke, cola and coffee.

Electrochemical fuel cell alcohol sensor, combined with compact gas circuit design, high precision sampling system, instrument-level circuit design ;

Eliminates the gas circuit To ensure the accuracy of the test results, the error of indication in the penalty determination range is less than ± 0.9%, which is better than the requirement of the no.national rm of ± 5%.

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