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Comparative analysis of abrasion resistance and pilling performance in Martindale test

Author: Released in:2023-03-01 Click:15

Martindale instruments measure the abrasion resistance of fabrics and their pilling properties. These two test methods use the same instrument, but there are significant differences in auxiliary materials, samples, operation, evaluation, etc., as described below:
1. Test auxiliary materials and dimensions:
(1) Fabric Abrasion resistance test (according to GB/T 21196 Determination of abrasion resistance of Martindale fabrics, the test includes four parts, namely Martindale abrasion tester, sample damage determination, mass loss determination, appearance change assessment determination), the auxiliary materials and dimensions in the test are as follows:
(a) Sample size: 38 mm
(b) Abrasive: placed on the grinding table (corresponding to the pilling table for pilling) above the felt, direct contact with the test substance. Generally, the abrasive is woven plain wool fabric, and if the test fabric is coated fabric, use NO.600 water sandpaper. The abrasive diameterr or side length is 140mm.
(c) Felt carrier: placed on the grinding table, lined under the abrasive. The size is 140 mm in diameter.
(d) Foamed plastic liner: If the weight of the sample is less than 500 g/m2, place it in the sample holder and use it as a liner for the test substance. The size is 38mm.

(2) According to the standard GB/T 4802.2, the pilling performance test of fabrics, the test accessories and dimensions are as follows:
(a) Sample size: 140mm in diameter.
(b) Abrasive: Generally the same as the test substance. Upholstery fabrics mentioning woolen fabrics as an abrasive. A round fabric with a diameter of 140 mm or a square abrasive with a side length of (150 ± 2) mm.
(c) Felt backing: divided into top and bottom. The top refers to the sample holder, with a diameter of (90±1) mm, the bottom refers to the pilling table, with a diameter of 140 mm.

2. Installation and testingof samples:
When determining fabric damage and quality loss in the fabric abrasion resistance test, the weight of the load is clearly specified, while the pilling is related to the appearance Not mentioned in the ball test.

3. Evaluation of the test:
In the fabric abrasion resistance test, the definition of the number of abrasions is proposed for fabric damage, the concept of the abrasion resistance index is proposed for the measurement of weight loss, and Provide the formula. The pilling test with regard to the appearance of the fabric should be compared and assessed in the assessment phase.

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