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Classification of Abrasion Resistance Tester with Its Various Functions

Author:QINSUN Released in:2016-11 Click:1892

Classification of Abrasion Equipment with Its Various Functions

Abrasion Scrubbing Resistance Tester

Abrasion Scrubbing Resistance Tester can be wiped by the addition of abrasives or detergents for the determination of the washing and scrubbing resistance as well as clean ability of dispersion paints. It is usually applied to Scrub resistance test on interior wall paints, floor tiles, shower rooms and furniture surfaces. The test data are accurate and reliable.

TABER 5750 Abrasion Tester

TABER 5750 abrasion tester make performance test of any size or shape of any sample for abrasion tests with a contoured surface and the polishing surface characteristics of the product, highly desirable (such as: computer mouse and other computer or IT products plastic paint wear tests, used for plastics, auto parts, rubber, leather and textile, electroplating, free removal of components, paint products, printing, design, and other products.

Reciprocating abrasion tester

Reciprocating abrasion tester used by way of rotary grinding, using different kinds of friction wheel rotational friction on the sample to detect wear performance for leather and plastic materials, make scientific evaluation of the wear resistance on the product.

Taber abrasion resistance tester

TABER abrasion resistance tester and wear resistance tester can be replaced by wheel and weight, which apply to the abrasion resistance performance test on fabric, cardboard, paint, leather, tile, glass and natural rubber, method is simple and easy to operate, which has been widely used in various industry's testing laboratory.

RCA Tape Abrasion Test Machine

Tape abrasion test machine make wear test of various surface coating consumption test with mobile phone, PDA, MP3, CD and laptop, the load 275g, 175g.55g. Scroll uncoated paper or tape friction with the sample oil after the determination of the effect of the wear certain number of rotation.

Abrasion & Wear Testing. When abrasion is the predominant factor causing deterioration of your materials, testing will give you data to compare materials or coatings and can help you predict the life time of a material or coating. Abrasion testing is used to test the abrasive resistance of solid materials.

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