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Charpy impact testing machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:24

Product introduction

1. Product Introduction:

Brief Beam impact test machine is mainly used for determining the impact resistance of non-metallic materials such as hard plastics, reinforced nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastics, ceramics, cast bricks and electrical insulation materials. It is an ideal testing equipment for chemical industry, research institutes, colleges and universities, quality inspection and other departments.

Second, Executive Standard:

ISO179—2000 \"Plastics - Determination of Charpy Impact Strength of Hard Materials\"

GB/T1043—2008 \"Hard Charpy Impact Test Method for Plastics\"

JB/T8762—1998 \"Plastic Charpy Impact Tester\"

GB/T 18743-2002 \"Brief Introduction of Thermoplastic Pipes for Fluid Transport\" Beam Impact Test Method \" ( applies to pipe parts) .

Third, productsbrands:

1. High-precision intelligent controller, equipped with a liquid crystal display, which can be read intuitively and accurately. details

2. The first company in China to use carbon fiber pendulum to improve the stiffness of the material in the impact direction, and to maximally concentrate the impact mass on the pendulum\'s center of gravity, to achieve real no vibration impact test. And the service life is extended.

3. Imported high-resolution digital encoder is adopted, and the angle test accuracy is higher and more stable

4. The aerodynamic impact hammer and imported ball bearings are extremely large. the friction loss caused by machines

5. Automatically calculate the final result, the test data can store 12 sets of data and calculate the average

6. Chinese and English operation interface can be selected, the test results can choose from J/m, KJ/㎡, kg-cm/cm, ft-ib/in and otherse units

7, Charpy impact test machine built-in micro printer Print test data

Fourth, technical specifications:

1. Impact speed: 2.9 m/s or 3.8 M/s;

2 Center distance pendulum to monster heart: 221 mm, 380 mm

3. Pendulum lifting angle: 150°

4. Distance jaw support: 40 mm, 60 mm, 70 mm, 95 mm

5. Angle of the support blade: R=1 mm

6. Blade angle: 30°

7. Blade angle: R=2 mm ± 0.5 mm

V. Charpy impact testing machine Specification selection:




JZL- 50D

Swing energy

1J, 2J, 4J, 5J

7.5J, 15J

25J, 50J

Pre-elevation angle of the pendulum


Strike velocity


3.8 M/S