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Car Leakage and Dark Current Diagnosis and Troubleshooting Analysis

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:94

Diagnosis and Troubleshooting Analysis of Car Leaks and Dark Currents

There are generally three types of car leak causes:

First category is loss of battery caused by not turning off the electric switch when parking

The second category is battery loss caused by self-discharge due to shorting or oxidation of the battery plates

The third category is due to automotive electrical appliances, wiring harnesses, sensors, control electronics such as actuators and actuators, and grounding of the circuit causing leakage.The automotive leakage phenomenon refers to the gradual discharge of the battery when the car is stationary, which affects the difficulty in starting the car or the abnormal operation of electrical appliances.

La reason for the leakage is the aging of the ignition high voltage line, the connections of various parts are loose, the live wire is shorted and the ground iron is cracked, the distributor cover is cracked, and a fire occurs because of the cracks. There are also car owners who go to informal manufacturers to add electrical devices, but do not follow the security line, but connect them directly to the car battery. There are too many circuit interfaces in the chassis and the risk of leakage is even greater.

Changing the battery when the car is discharged is often the driver\'s idea. The main causes of battery loss are

1. Generator is not producing electricity

b. Generator regulator carbon brushes are exhausted or damaged

d. Generator bearings are damaged

 a. The battery is broken

 c. The battery life is increased (domestic 2-3 years, imported 3-5 years)

a. Install a device anti-theft device and use GPS

5. Grounding the line

It is recommended to replace the battery and also check if the generator is producing electricityelectricity and if the car itself is discharged. It is best to find a special repair station. There will be this problem.

We all call the dark current \"Static Current\" or \"Static Power Consumption\", which is directly translated from English.

Calculators that need to be specially designed to solve this problem are instruments, body and other types of calculators. For example, the BCM1 in the body is the headlight control assembly. In fact, it’s no longer just about lighting control. , some manufacturers have included information relating to anti-theft, and others have included electric seats. In short, the body control part is now very complicated. It is not as structurally fixed as the PowerTrain or chassis. Haha, I\'m going too far. It is powered by 30 batteries. , which is what we call “normal power”. From now on, this type of calculator will be equipped with a puThis Power Management IC to specifically manage the power supply. The typical configuration is that an IC contains a low power, low quiescent current linear power supply (power supply). A) and a switching power supply (power supply B) which can be turned off, high power and high quiescent current. Power supply A only powers the MCU (single chip microcomputer) and bus driver, which means only the power management chip, MCU and bus driver draw current, that\'s why these Three elements require special attention to static power consumption. Usually, the main MCU (single-chip microcomputer) of the ECU is in the sleep state and controls the power cut-off B. At this time, the current of the entire ECU is only tens of \'uA to more than a hundred uA. When the MCU is awakened by a timer, bus message or other eventexternally, its power supply B will be turned on and the predetermined tasks will be executed at the same time, such as controlling the lights or scanning a level status, etc. consumption at this time is very large, often tens of mA, haha, but this time is usually very short. After that, it again enters a state of prolonged sleep, so that the quiescent current of the whole vehicle decreases.

Some people say that using a multimeter is not possible. The whole vehicle is fine. To test a single board, you can only use a microammeter or a special DC power consumption tester.

The so-called dark current (the reason why it is called dark current is because it is called Dark Current in English, so it is literally translated as dark current). It refers to the current that still flows when the ignition switch is in the OFF position (the car does not runnot). It is accurate Due to the existence of these dark currents which, besides the natural discharge of the battery, if the vehicle is parked for a long time, the battery capacity will be insufficient, which will prevent the car from starting. .

The dark current of ordinary cars does not exceed 20mA, but the more advanced the car, the more electrical equipment also increases the dark current. With the increase of electric equipment in cars and the increase of battery capacity, it seems that the dark current of cars will become more and more important in the future. Among the various faults repaired by cars, loss of power (slip) is an extremely common fault phenomenon. Generally speaking, if a car has a carburetor (few electronic control modules and relatively few power consuming parts), it will last about two weeks.nes. The power naturally consumed over time should have little impact on starting (the battery itself exhibits some self-discharge); if it\'s an electronically controlled car (because there are more electronic control modules and more power-consuming parts), generally speaking, one week. If it does not start after a while, it may affect normal startup. If it is less than this time range, it may be defective or the battery itself may be defective. In addition to the normal loss of power, there is another situation: if you leave the car for a few days after using it at night, you will have difficulty starting. If there is no leak, then you need to check the car\'s charging system. Sometimes, if there is a circuit in the charging line, the wrong connection may prevent the battery from being fully charged, resulting in the battery half drained.ized during peak energy consumption (summer evenings). Over time, a phenomenon similar to a leak will occur.

Cars must therefore undergo a safety test every year, which is a guarantee for people and cars!