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Can AI use fortune telling to analyze facial expressions? Don’t pay the intelligence tax

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-03 Click:22

The Great Way is fifty, the heavens are four or nine, and people escape from it. People are curious about the unknown, let alone the fact that it is still related to themselves. Therefore, the profession of fortune telling was born.

With the development of technology, almost all books on fortune telling can now be accommodated in units measured in megabytes. The original "fortune telling masters" were ignored, and AI fortune telling has become a more widely known thing.

When browsing web pages, netizens must have seen advertisements about AI fortune telling, with various slogans such as "see through your life", "understand your future", and "the future is already destined" emerging one after another. Many people have become interested in this and have also calculated on some software or web pages.

In addition, CCTV conducted online divination and found that when searching on a certain short video platform using the keyword "divination", a short video that predicted future emotional trends using tarot cards ranked higher overall, and received a total of 315000 likes. And another short video that used tarot cards to test marriage had more likes, with a total of 395000 likes and nearly 90000 comments.

These divination fees are not low, for example, to predict the next year's fortune, you need to pay 348 yuan, while predicting the next year's fortune requires the purchase of "Zhaocai Huangjing" at a price of 368 yuan.

The funny thing is that even AI has been dragged into the water. On the official account of "AI palmistry and facial analysis", I submitted a complete and unobstructed picture of the face according to the prompts, and then I can begin to experience the so-called AI "facial". In less than 30 seconds, the page will display "Report generated", but to obtain it, you need to pay 9.9 yuan.

With AI as its flagship account, the business of this account is very hot. After only 15 months of registration and operation, the revenue has reached nearly 800000 yuan. This is probably a matter of using scientific means to practice superstition, with a hint of absurdity.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), also known as intelligent machinery or machine intelligence, refers to the intelligence exhibited by machines manufactured by humans. Artificial intelligence usually refers to the technology of presenting human intelligence through ordinary computer programs. This term also indicates whether and how research on such intelligent systems can be implemented. The definition of artificial intelligence in general textbooks refers to the research and design of intelligent agents, which refer to a system that can observe the surrounding environment and take actions to achieve goals. John McCarthy's definition in 1955 was "the science and engineering of manufacturing intelligent machines.". The research on intelligence is highly technical and professional, and each branch field is in-depth and not interconnected, thus involving a wide range.

The core issues of AI include the ability to construct reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning, communication, perception, moving objects, using tools, and manipulating machinery that are similar or even superior to humans. There are currently a large number of tools utilizing artificial intelligence, including search and mathematical optimization, as well as logical inference. And algorithms based on bionics, cognitive psychology, probability theory, and economics are also gradually being explored.

Therefore, AI does not know how to use fortune telling to analyze facial expressions, so don't pay an IQ tax.