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byk-gardner scrub abrasion tester

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byk-gardner scrub abrasion tester

byk-gardner scrub abrasion tester

Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester Introduction

The painted or uncoated surface need use a brush, sponge, scouring pad, sandpaper or other methods to test the resistance to scrub. The friction test can be carried out by adding a friction agent or a cleaning agent in a wet scrubbing manner. It is usually used in interior wall coatings, floor tiles, shower baths, and furniture.

Wet abrasion scrub resistance tester Features

◆ Make a uniform reciprocating linear motion by certain progress; with strong reproducibility

◆ 7-inch touch screen display, easy to operate; compact design

◆ Using chain drive mechanism to ensure long-term reliable operation


ASTM D1792;ASTM D2198;ASTM D2486;ASTM 3206;

ASTM D3207;ASTM D3450;ASTM D4213;ASTM D4488;

ASTM D4828;ISO11998;DIN 53778;DIN 13300;

Canadian Government Regulation 26-GP-3a;

Pennsylvania Federal Code W-4; US Federal Code P-C-431a; P-D-220A, etc.

Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Scrub speed 6 to 60 Reciprocating / minute
The number of reciprocating Up to 100,000
Scrub test arm can be placed up to 3 brushes or cushion bases, improves test efficiency
Test arm maximum load 4kg(8.8lbs)
The stroke length 28cm
Power supply AC220v 50Hz