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BYD Conquers the Difficulty of Fingerprint Recognition: Finger Peeling Can Be Recognized

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-12 Click:65

Fingerprint recognition is convenient and fast to use, but once a finger peels off, it can cause drastic changes in the fingerprint, resulting in the inability to effectively recognize the peeled fingerprint after being recorded for a period of time.

Recently, BYD has released a new patent that overcomes this challenge, allowing fingerprint recognition even after peeling.

According to the Qichacha APP, BYD Semiconductor Co., Ltd. recently released a patent titled "Method and device for detecting fingerprint peeling, fingerprint input method and device, and chip"

Abstract: The present invention obtains a target fingerprint image, determines the variance of the ridge distance based on the target fingerprint image, and determines whether the user fingerprint corresponding to the target fingerprint image is a peeling fingerprint based on the variance of the ridge distance, thereby achieving the detection of user fingerprints.

Through this method, while improving the accuracy of fingerprint recognition, it effectively avoids the problem of subsequent unrecognizability caused by the inability to recognize peeled fingerprints, which may result in the recorded peeled fingerprints.