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Brush type fuzzing and pilling tester

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Brush type fuzzing and pilling tester

Brush type fuzzing and pilling tester


The pilling tester is a 6-station tester used to evaluate the wear resistance or pilling effect of fabrics (or leather). The sample is typically subjected to a certain number of cycles of friction with known abrasives, such as nylon brushes, sponges, or Velcro, and then compared to industry testing standards (such as ASTM D3512) or laboratory developed standards to document the degree of fuzzing. The machine can be configured with various grinding materials or testing materials and testing weights.

To purchase a complete set of pilling testers, it is necessary to have six basic testing stations and one set of the following equipment.

Standard testing equipment:

Ford Leather Equipment (BN 108-14) - includes a low profile wooden board and six stainless steel 25 Ib adjustable sample holders

Ford Fabric Equipment (BN108-03) - includes three low boards (nylon brush, sponge, nylon buckle) and six sample fixtures

ASTM Fabric Equipment (ASTM D3511) - includes a brush plate and six ASTM circular sample fixtures

Meets standards:

Ford BN 125-01, ASTM D3511, Ford BN 108-03, Ford BN 108-14, GM 9652


Mechanical components are made of non corrosive aluminum and stainless steel

Durable powder coating and anodized surface treatment

Precision ball and needle roller bearings

Automatic shutdown programmable upward counting controller

Adjustable Slow and Test Speed Control

Ventilation protective covers can protect the operator's hands from pinch points

The supply voltage is different and must be specified at the time of purchase

High quality brushless motor

1 year manufacturer's warranty period

Please also refer to:

Installation Table

Load bearing bracket


The load-bearing bracket is an accessory of the Schap 6 tabletop pilling tester, which bears the weight of the complete set of tool heads and when not in use. Extruded aluminum allows for height adjustment. The overall size is 43 "x 18" x 37.5 ".

More information

Dimensions: 43 "L x 18" W x 37.5 "H

Station: 0

Product weight: 240 lbs/109 kgs

Dimensions: 48 "x 19" x 18“

Transportation dimensions: 24 "x50" x30“

Number of workers: 6