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Breathability tester

Author: Released in:2024-03-18 Click:26

Breathability tester

Breathability tester

Product model: G571

Compliant with standards:

BS 5636 JIS L1096-A DIN 53887 ASTM D737 ASTM D3574 EN ISO 9237 GB/T 5453 EDANA 140.2; TAPPI T251; EDANA 140.1; ASTM D737; AFNOR G07-111; ISO 7231, etc

Applicable scope:

Measure the breathability of various materials such as textiles, clothing, non-woven fabrics, paper, airbags, clothing, parachutes, sails, tents and sunshades, air filtration materials, and vacuum cleaner bags; The fabric is pressed onto the selected test head, and the instrument generates a continuous airflow through the sample, creating a certain pressure difference on both sides of the sample. In a very short period of time, the system automatically calculates the permeability of the sample.

Product details:

technical parameter

1. Test head area: 5cm2, 20cm2, 25cm2, 38cm2, 50cm2, 100cm2;

2. Test mode: automatic;

3. Test pressure: 10-3000Pa;

4. Air flow: 0.1-40000mm/s (5cm?);

5. Test time: 5-50 seconds;

6. Stop time: 3 seconds;

7. Total testing time: 10-58 seconds;

8. Minimum pressure: 1pa;

9. Maximum pressure: 3000pa;

10. Accuracy: ± 2%;

11. Measurement units: mm/s, cfm, cm3/cm2/s, l/m2/s, l/dm2/min, m3/m2/min, and m3/m2/h;

12. Data interface: RS232C, asynchronous, bidirectional;

13. The pressure system can automatically detect the range of air pressure and can test large areas of samples;

14. Powerful suction pump with noise reduction device;

15. The instrument can automatically detect the area of the test head, automatically select the size of the test hole, and automatically control the suction force of the fan;

16. It has self programming function, and customers can write their own programs according to their needs;

17. Equipped with air flow initial and fine adjustment switches, automatic switching, fully enclosed pipeline design, with a leakage rate of less than 0.1 l/m2/s.

Basic configuration:

5 square centimeter test head

20 square centimeter test head

25 square centimeter test head

38 square centimeter test head

50 square centimeter test head

100 square centimeter test head

Calibration detection board