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Battery heavy impact testing machine

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Battery heavy impact testing machine

Battery heavy impact testing machine

The test sample of the battery heavy impact testing machine should be placed on a flat surface, with a 15.8mm (5/8 inches) diameter rod cross placed at the center of the sample. A 9.1kg or 10kg weight falls from a certain height (61CM or 100CM) onto the sample.

Compliant with standards:

UN38.3, SJ/T11169-1998, SJ/T11170-1998, UL1642:1995, UL2054:1997, QC/T 743-2006, QC/T 742-2006, QC/T 744-2006, GB/T18287-2000, GB 8897.4-2002, idt IEC60086-4:2000 and other standards.

Specification parameters:

1. Ball weight: 9.1kg ± 0.46Kg (20 ± 1 pound) or 10Kg

2. Impact height: 610 mm or 1000mm (can be customized according to different customer needs)

3. Impact method: Lift the falling ball to a certain height and release it. The falling ball falls freely in the vertical direction without tilting or shaking

4. Horizontal bar: 15.8mm (5/8 inches) steel rod

5. Inner box material: SUS # 304 stainless steel plate

6. Material of outer box: Galvanized sheet with baked paint treatment

7. Tightening: 1 silicone foam tightening strip

8. Air outlet: located 150mm on the back of the box

9. Box door: single door, double-layer door, observation window (tempered glass), cold pull handle door lock

Usage conditions:

1. Operating voltage: 220V ± 10% 50HZ

2. Usage environment: It is allowed to use in an environment of 0~30 ℃

3. Performance guarantee environment: 5~25 ℃