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AVENTICS valve R431003041 working principle

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:27

AVENTICS valve R431003041 working principle:

AVENTICS quick release valve is based on the principle of the floating effect of water on the stainless steel floating ball. The buoyancy of the water will automatically float up until it is connected to the sealing surface of the outlet port. When a certain pressure is reached, sluit hits the ball automatically. A large amount of air is injected into the tube and after it is installed on the tube, the air outlet is automatically opened/closed using the inertia of the water on the float.

When the pipeline is in operation, the floating ball at the bottom of the ball bowl stops to discharge a large amount of air. When the air in the pipe is exhausted, the water flows into the valve, passes through the ball bowl, and reacts then to the floating ball, which makes the floating ball float and close. When the pipeline is working normally, if a small amount of gas will be concentrated in the valve to a certain extent, the water level in the valve will drop, the floating ball will drop accordingly and the gas will be discharged from the small hole. When the water pump stops, negative pressure will be generated at any time, and the floating ball will fall at any time, and a large amount of suction will be appliedto ensure the safety of the pipeline. In the exhaust state, the buoy pulls down one end of the lever by gravity, and the lever is in an inclined state. In this state, there is a gap in the contact part between the lever and the vent hole, and the air is expelled through this gap the vent hole drained. With the discharge of the air, the water level rises, the buoy floats upward under the buoyancy of the water, and the sealing end surface on the handle gradually Press the vent hole until the entire vent hole is completely blocked, and the vent valve is now fully Closed.

AVENTICS valve R431003041

German arrival model

AVENTICS valve R431003041
BAUMER encoder EIL580-TN10.5 $N . 01024.A/11129636
MAGTROL brake 005253HB-20M-2
SUNControlAnalytik filter ABS2003
SUNControlAnalytik filter element SF2013
SUNControlAnalytik separator KVE
Flutec gas valve 705365DVP-30- 01.1
HYDAC sensor AS3008-5-000
HYDAC level meter FSK-127-2.5/C/-/12,3112276
Engler sensor PT100-6.12.12M.52 .STG102028
elringklinger seal RWDRHN239035X50X807790320ET0001
PQS solenoid valve RSE4-062R11/024S-L-1
TIVAL pressure switch 1010096FF4-8DAHG
Biotech flowmeter 97479540,VZS005-PP
E+ H liquid level meter FTL33-2RR8/0FTL33-AA1U3BB3CJ??
E+H liquid level meter FTL33-2RR8/0FTL33-AA1U3BB3CJ??
REXROTH controller R911310462HMS01.1N-W0110-A -07-NNNN
HOFMANN Vibration Sensor PMG81EA
GEFRAN Sensor F018627TR1-C-2-B-1-A-H-D-2050X000X00100XX
REXROTH Controller R911173004CML75.1-3P-900-NA-NNNN- NW
AVENTICS- cylinder #5226639710?MNI-DA-025-0100-663971-MODI
BAUMER sensor OADM20U2472/S14C11077736
BAUMER codeEncoder 11167544HS35F01024HABZCC024BE1007T5
BAUMER encoder EIL550-3.0.0FE.0.FETT 11118501
LTA module #425730