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Automated and digital deep processing technology makes sterilization and packaging more reliable

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-03 Click:38

The dairy industry is an important industry in the development of healthy China and a key industry that reflects food safety. In recent years, empowering the deep processing process of the dairy industry with automation and digitization has been a unremitting effort made by Chinese dairy enterprises to continuously improve the quality and safety of dairy products.

Recently, a large domestic dairy company has officially put into operation the first phase of its green production and intelligent manufacturing project in Weining, Gansu, after trial production. Automated and high standard dairy processing factories have become an important support for further development of the industry.

It is reported that the Weining Phase I project revolves around the entire process of dairy product storage, filtration, homogenization, cooling, sterilization, packaging, etc. Based on a complete set of refrigeration tanks, homogenizers, sterilization tanks, automatic milk filling machines and other deep processing equipment, a total of 6 yogurt production lines, 2 pure cow milk production lines, and 2 yogurt beverage production lines have been built. Industry insiders have stated that after the project is put into operation, the daily production of liquid milk will reach over 600 tons, bringing an annual output value of about 1.3 billion yuan.

The establishment of deep processing factories for dairy products will also extend the upstream and downstream industrial chain in the local area. By building supporting facilities such as dairy farms, intelligent packaging, and logistics warehousing, we aim to address issues related to the production of dairy products at the source, packaging of dairy products, and cold chain logistics warehousing. We aim to promote the adjustment of local agricultural structure and the revitalization of the dairy industry through a full industry chain dairy industry cluster.

In fact, thanks to the application of digital technology and automation equipment in recent years, building a modern dairy industry is currently a major trend in the industry's development.

Earlier, a dairy enterprise cooperated with a large domestic Internet platform. Based on a large amount of data, it analyzed user needs with modern algorithms, proposed solutions, and created high-quality dairy products based on personalization and differentiation. It is understood that the dairy company is continuously optimizing its production process and has achieved a 15 second rapid pasteurization process at suitable temperatures. With the advantages of large-scale dairy farming, intelligent dairy processing and low-temperature logistics, digital services, etc., it can provide high-quality and reliable milk products to nearly one million users in Shandong and nearby provinces and cities in a single day.

In addition, a dairy company in Xinjiang is using new technologies and processing equipment to build a deep processing base. According to the relevant person in charge, there are a total of 11 fully automatic milk filling equipment operating simultaneously in the production workshop, which greatly improves the efficiency of deep processing of dairy products. Starting from April this year, the daily production and sales of dairy products on this production line have reached 600 tons and have remained at this level for a long time. At present, the dairy company is still constructing a deep processing project with an annual output of 30000 tons of dairy products, striving to further improve production capacity and product quality.

It is an inevitable trend for dairy companies to open up upstream and downstream development channels and promote high-quality and healthy industry development through advanced technological means and processing equipment. Dairy companies can only break through market competition by relying on high-quality and safe dairy products.