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Applicable test of electric hatching instrument

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:96

Electric Crosshatch Tester is used to perform various scratch resistance and scratch resistance tests on the surface of paint and coatings to measure the adhesion performance of paints and coatings. This is a test independently developed and produced by qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. equipment, comprehensive and cost-effective after-sales service.

Required parameters:

1. Instrument power supply: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz (please ask for voltage when ordering)

2. Equipment power supply: 400W

3. Test piece specification: 80×50mm

4. Sample thickness: 0.5~20mm

5. Standard load range: 2~50N (2N round up)

6. Special load range: 1~10N (1N transport) (need to cooperate with optional accessories)

7. Marking path: 25 or 45 mm

8. Marking speed: 1 m/min or 40 mm/s

Applicable test:

Cross scratch test:

It can be tested to general standards without additional p procedures. The following cross scoring method can be selected (the number of scratches × the knife distance in mm). 2×5, 6×1, 6×2, 6×3, 8×1, 8×2, 11×1, 11×2.

Scribes continuous automatic cross tracing with a hard metal nib at a tracing speed of 40mm/s. Rotate the specimen 90° and repeat scoring to complete cross scoring. The load requirement to scratch the coating on the substrate can be found in the scratch test.

Some standards are stripped with tape for characterization analysis. Adhesive tapes will also be provided to customers as accessories to meet the requirements of EN ISO 2409 (tape width 25mm, adhesive force 10±1N). Delivery includes a 2.5x magnifying glass to assess the score. The quality of apence in most standards can be visually compared to a standard scale (graticule).

Although adhesion tests using scratch methods can be compared with each other, they are not suitable for comparison with results from other test methods (such as: vertical pull test EN 24624). Because they are different processes.

Anti-scratch test:

Comply with the anti-scratch test of GME 60280, select the cutter head φ1mm, and the predetermined grid spacing (20 blades, spaced of 2mm). The pressure is the same 5N as the grid test, and the speed is 1m/min.

When analyzing the scratch resistance test, the shell degree difference ΔL is compared to the undamaged plastic surface. What can meet this requirement is the D65 lighting light source, measuring the geometric angle d/8 measuring hole φ27mm.

As a company integrating R&D,manufacturing, sales, training and service, Shanghai Fanbiao Textile Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to continuously providing more test instruments to the market, providing long-term test instruments for textiles, leather, combustion, automotive interior materials, weather aging, masks, etc., and can also accept customization not standard. Targeted testing can be performed according to customer requirements to ensure that purchased instruments are suitable.