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Analysis of the application of robot technology in the field of healthcare

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-03 Click:23

Robotics technology may have different applications in every field that people can think of. Education, travel, and national defense, as long as you can name them, you will see how much progress we have made in the field of robotics. The development of the medical industry has undergone significant changes. In this frustrating epidemic, the healthcare sector has played a positive role. Surviving the pandemic is not easy, and the reason we are able to overcome it is because of the healthcare sector.

This epidemic highlights the importance of social distance. This is a challenge for healthcare workers as they must address the patient's issues. However, robots are no less than saviors here. With robots, it is easier than ever to reduce face-to-face contact between healthcare workers and patients. But will this be welcomed by patients as expected? Therefore, it is still concerning how patients will react to robots entering the examination room.

Many researchers have conducted different studies to identify the patient's response to robots entering the examination room. A research team has found that a considerable number of patients report that when they interact with healthcare providers through video screens installed on robots, there is almost no difference in interaction with doctors or nurses. These findings enhance people's confidence that they are not as afraid or worried as expected. The focus now is on designing robots that can meet the safety needs of both patients and healthcare workers. Well, it's not just that. Some researchers have also found that many patients can also undergo small surgeries using robots. One of the tasks may be to collect swab samples for testing.

This pandemic has raised an alarm for everyone, demanding that they introduce the right technology to reduce the intensity of the surge in cases. Afterwards, Traverso and his colleagues began to focus on developing new strategies to minimize interaction between potential patients and healthcare workers. The team continued to create a mobile robot that can interact with patients while waiting in the emergency room. For this, they collaborated with Boston Dynamics.

The design of robots involves sensors installed inside. By using these sensors, skin temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate, and blood oxygen levels can be measured. Okay, there's more to it. The robot is equipped with an iPad. This paves the way for video communication with doctors or nurses. For over a year, we have seen medical staff wearing protective equipment that is required for every interaction. With these robots, all of these will be greatly reduced.

In another study, patients were asked about their symptoms through video communication. When patients were asked about their experiences, the results surprised almost everyone. They reported that they are very satisfied with the progress of this process. They found that this interaction is similar to the interaction between people.

In summary, the results are very positive, and people are showing a strong interest in how robots will assist medical procedures. It is now time for scientists to start designing robots with improved technology to enhance the overall experience and achieve fruitful results.