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Analysis of surface combustion technology of metal fibers

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Analysis of surface combustion technology of metal fibers

With the progress of my country\'s \"West-East Gas Transmission\" project and the improvement of people\'s environmental awareness, the proportion of gaseous fuels in my country\'s energy structure will increase significantly, but the increase in civil gas will be limited, so to increase the consumption of natural gas, the most potential user is industry. Research on gas combustion technologies with high combustion efficiency and low pollutant emissions is of great significance for improving the quality of civil gas appliances and expanding the applications of gas in the industrial field.

Gas combustion can be divided into premixed combustion and diffusion combustion according to the mixing situation of primary air and gas. Premixed combustion is divided into ATM combustionospheric and explosive combustion. Most of the premixed combustions have a very thin free flame, because the heat transfer of the mixed gas is not sufficient.ient, so the chemical reaction takes place in a very narrow area and no chemical reaction occurs in other spaces of the combustion chamber, hence the degree of combustion (671898:;4<2) and higher pollutant emissions. Adding a solid porous medium material with high thermal conductivity and emissivity in the combustion zone can modify this defect, so the combustion method of the mixed gas through the porous medium has been considered and studied. Compared with open flame combustion, porous medium combustion has the advantages of high ignition intensity and good combustion stability.
Once the premixed gas is burned through the porous medium, the flame is uniformly distributed over the surface, which is whyuoi it is also called surface burning. my country has carried out systematic research on surface combustion of 03452 ceramic plates, but other forms of surface combustion, such as metal fiber surface combustion technology, did not begin until dual-purpose machines usage and boilers with very low pollutionGreenhouse gas emissions in Europe and other countries have entered the Chinese market. , Therefore, the current research and application of metal fiber surface combustion technology in my country is seriously insufficient.

Working principle and performance characteristics

Surface combustion is a kind of fully premixed combustion method. The primary air supply can be gas injected or fan forced. . The injection type has a simple structure and low cost, but the fluctuation of lGas pressure has a greater impact on burner load and air-fuel ratio, while blast-type combustion is unaffected by fluctuations in gas pressure. To form surface combustion, in addition to the complete premixing of air and gas, a porous surface is also required. Metal fiber surface burning technology is named after the porous metal fiber material. The main component of metal fiber is , and also contains a rare metal = (yttrium). The specific components are shown in Table 7. This material has the advantages of high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and high mechanical strength. There are many pores evenly distributed on the surface of the fiber, which makes it have good air permeability. In addition, the fiber has high thermal conductivity and emissivity, which is beneficial for transferof heat between the premixed gases, increases the combustion chemical reaction area and improves the combustion efficiency.