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Analysis of Martindale wear tester accessories and common consumables

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:166

The Martindale Abrasion Tester is currently the most commonly used test instrument for textile friction testing experiments, but there are many other additional tests that should be used when using the Martindale Abrasion Tester for experimental testing. This refers to the commonly used consumables; as an important part of the detection experiment, consumables should not be regarded as just consumables, but more as a reference standard and experimental verification value. The editor today introduces about Martindale (Martindale\'s analysis) wear-resistant instrument accessories and common consumables.

The main mechanical parts of the Martindale Abrasion Tester are mainly divided into the following three categories according to the installation position:
(1) Sample mounting: mainly composed of sample mounting, sample mounting ring, test The guidedeas of the sample setup consists of three parts. The first two are mainly used when installing the monster.
(2) Grinding table: it consists of a pilling table, a clamping ring and a holder for fixing the clamping ring.
(3) Sample Installation Auxiliary Device: The equipment necessary to ensure that the sample in the sample holder is free from wrinkles during installation.

General consumables:
According to the function of consumables, they are mainly divided into the following three categories:

1. Wool felt:
fixed on the sanding table and Between the test samples, it plays a supporting role to avoid direct contact between the metal sanding table and the tested fabric There are different types and sizes of wear-resistant and anti-pilling wool cloth pads (felt discs) , wear-resistant wool cloth, wear-resistant wool non-woven pads can be used

2. Foam block:
fixed tbetween the metal armature and the abrasive. As required in ASTM D4966:1998, if the sample is lighter than 500 g/m2, a 38 mm polyurethane foam is placed between the sample and the sample clamp and no foam is needed if the sample is heavier than 500 g/m2.
There are mainly two types of polyurethane foam and SDC foam

3. Pilling evaluation sample picture:
It is suitable to observe the change of appearance and evaluate the wear resistance
Generally, under the same test conditions, after a specified number of wear, observe the changes in surface gloss, fluff , pilling and other appearance effects of the sample, and usually compare it with the standard sample to evaluate its quality.
Based on the structure of the fabric, it can be easily divided into woven, knitted and test samples
For example: Swiss EMPA 991 woven pilling test samples, Swiss EMPA 992 breipilling test samples,

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