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Ames Osram: Empowering Intelligent Driving with Sensing and Light Source Technologies

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-03 Click:33

Recently, the 23rd CIOE China Optics Expo was held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total exhibition area of 160000 square meters, covering industries such as information communication, precision optics, lenses and camera modules, lasers, infrared, ultraviolet, and sensing. More than 3000 optoelectronic companies from around the world participated in the exhibition with innovative technologies and products.

During the conference, Ames Osram held a media roundtable exchange meeting. Chen Pinglu, Senior Vice President of Ames Osram, and Senior Director Leng Jianqing shared their views on how sensing technology and light source technology can empower future intelligent driving. It is worth noting that this is also the first media conference in the first year after the merger of Amis Osram. Last July, Ames Semiconductor announced the successful completion of its acquisition of Osram. After the transaction, Ames held 69% of Osram's shares.

Indeed, after the merger came to an end, Ames Osram has already generated synergies in related fields, and the automotive industry, which is experiencing a sharp increase in demand for sensors, has become one of the company's key areas of focus. According to Leng Jianqing, in the field of lasers, Ames Osram is the only mature manufacturer in the world that has achieved mass production and simultaneously possesses two mainstream laser technologies: EEL laser emitter and VCSEL, which is a vertical cavity surface emitter.

Regarding the development trend of car mounted LiDAR, Leng Jianqing also gave his own thoughts. In its view, the current cost of LiDAR poses certain pressure on both customers and the supply chain. "If we really want to lower prices to a stage that consumers can generally accept, the industry chain needs to work closely together, not just one or two manufacturers can solve the problem unilaterally." However, he emphasized that the price of LiDAR will decrease in the coming years, and this trend is already traceable. On the other hand, as widely recognized in the industry, solid-state LiDAR is a trend in the short term. However, before solid-state technology can fully replace it in terms of cost and performance, the market may still be in a state of fierce competition.

After the merger, the biggest change for Ames Osram lies in the improvement and innovation of automotive optical solutions. On the one hand, the company's light source technology has a more diverse form; On the other hand, all the driving light sources for sensors and displays in cars, as well as various light sources, are the 1+1 greater than 2 solutions provided by the two companies when they come together.

In terms of exterior lighting, Ames Osram recently released a new product Eviyos 2.0. The interesting aspect of this product is that it can turn the car lights into independent pixels and support independent addressing. Combined with LiDAR, car lights may have a significant impact on road safety. For example, if the LiDAR detects a suspicious object in front and the car lights are lit up, it can provide support and supplement to road safety, but the car lights also have the function of decorative lights.