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Abrasion Testing For Product Needs

Author:QINSUN Released in:2018-01 Click:1282

Abrasion testing is a necessity for manufacturers who are interested in producing high-quality products with a long lifespan. With a multitude to different testing methods available, each with their own nuances, it can be difficult to decide which test to use.

Abrasion Testing For Product Needs


Our labs have the capability to test abrasion as well as actual products and are fully equipped with a wide range of abrasive wheels, speeds, and testing loadings. Our expert team can design and conduct a custom testing package to support your product needs:


Rotary Drum Abrasion (DIN Abrasion)
The Rotatory Drum Abrasion (Din Abrasion) method measures the volume loss due to the abrasive action of rubbing a test piece over a specified grade of abrasive sheet. The result can be reported as a relative volume loss or an abrasion resistance index.


Taber Abrasion
Taber Abrasion method is used for determining the resistance to abrasive wear of plastics or rubber under the action of abrasive wheels. We can offer a wide range of abrasive wheels, speeds and test loadings.


Scratch Abrasion
This test method covers two procedures for weather resistance of slate in all outdoor installations by determining the depth of softening by shear/scratch or by hand scraping.


Rotary Abrasion
This test method is designed to determine the degree of color transfer from the surface of textile floor coverings to other surfaces by rubbing. The intent is to reproduce as nearly as possible true-to-life situations in all constructions, whether dyed, printed or otherwise colored.


Scrubbing Abrasion
This test method covers an accelerated procedure for determining the resistance of paints to erosion caused by scrubbing. (Note: The term wet abrasion is sometimes used for scrubbing, and wet abrasion resistance or scrubbability for scrub resistance.) Although scrub resistance tests are intended primarily for interior coatings, they are sometimes used with exterior coatings as an additional measure of film performance.