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Abrasion Scrubbing Resistance Tester

Author: Released in:2024-05-14 Click:12

Abrasion Scrubbing Resistance Tester

Abrasion Scrubbing Resistance Tester


Scrubbing Resistance Tester can be wiped by the addition of abrasives or detergents for the determination of the washing and scrubbing resistance as well as clean ability of dispersion paints. It is usually applied to Scrub resistance test on interior wall paints, floor tiles, shower rooms and furniture surfaces. The test data are accurate and reliable.


ASTM D1792;ASTM D2198;ASTM D2486;ASTM 3206;ASTM D3207;ASTM D3450;ASTM D4213;ASTM D4488;ASTM D4828;ISO11998;DIN 53778;DIN 13300; Canadian Government Regulation 26-GP-3a; Pennsylvania Federal Code W-4; US Federal Code P-C-431a; P-D-220A, etc.

Instrument features:

1. Using chain drive mechanism to ensure long-term reliable operation,

2. Make a uniform reciprocating linear motion by certain progress; with strong reproducibility;

3. 7-inch touch screen display, easy to operate; compact design

The main parameters:

The number of reciprocating: up to 100,000;

Scrub speed: 6 to 60 reciprocating / minute;

Scrub test arm can be placed up to 3 brushes or cushion base, improve test efficiency;

Test arm maximum load 4kg (8.8lbs);

Power supply: AC220v 50Hz

The stroke length is 28cm