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Abrasion Resistance Tester Use And Common Failure Analysis

Author:QINSUN Released in:2019-11 Click:2187

Wear test machine a lot of types, such as Martindale wear-resistant instrument, oscillatory wear-resistant instrument, shopper wear-resistant instrument, universal wear tester, Taber wear test machine, etc., the following Taber wear test machine, Describe the use of wear testing machine and common faults.
Taber abrasion testing machine mainly through the rotation of the grinding method, the use of different types of friction wheel on the sample rotation to detect leather and plastic materials such as wear resistance.
Test preparation:
1. The test object is fixed on the test turntable, select the required test weight loaded;
2. Ensure that the test wheel does not come into contact with the sample fixture during the test;
3. Adjust the governor switch to a minimum;
4. After setting the number of tests according to the test requirements, the machine is in the test state.
Operational specifications:
1. Connect the appropriate power supply 220V or 110V.
2. Adjust the governor switch to a minimum, to avoid excessive speed, resulting in abnormal machine.
3. Turn on the power, first test machine, if no abnormal power is turned off.
4. Press the reset key to reset the counter to zero. According to the requirements to set the number of tests required, the counter can be set up to 99999999 times.
5. Press the RST key on the counter to clear the counter.
6. Press the start button, the machine will enter the test state.
7. Adjust the governor to adjust the speed to the desired test speed.
8. Turn on the vacuum cleaner power switch to start working.
9. After the test is set to the number of counter settings, the machine automatically shuts down in standby mode.
10. Turn off the power, remove the test, clean up the machine.
Maintenance matters:
1. The instrument must be placed on a smooth ground before use;
2. Do not allow the use of the process of nail machine;
3. Select the appropriate power supply voltage, not too high, to avoid burning device;
4. In the event of abnormal equipment, please contact with the Secretary for timely processing;
5. Machine work must have a good ventilation environment;
6. key mechanical components, due to the operation of a larger load, the mechanical part of the timely increase of lubricants;
7. After each test, clean up the machine, keep the machine clean.
Common malfunctions:
1. If the power is turned on, it indicates that there is no power supply or power indicator is damaged. If the power indicator is damaged, replace the indicator light. If the power supply output terminal does not have a power output, please check the power cord or power outlet.
2. If the power is on, the power indicator has an indication. Press the start button. The machine does not work. Please check whether the relay has dropped or disconnected, such as dropped or disconnected. , Indicating that the relay is damaged, it should be replaced.
3. When the number of times the counter has been set to the counter, the motor does not stop working, indicating (1) the counter is damaged; (2) After the counter is set, it is not cleared.
4. If the power indicator is on and the counter is not displayed, the counter is damaged and the counter is replaced.