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Abnormality judgment method of water-cooled xenon lamp aging tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:66

The water-cooled xenon lamp aging testing machine is suitable for testing the adaptability of electrical, electronic and other materials during storage, transportation and use in simulated natural environments. This is an experimental instrument for weathering and aging testing of materials. Qisnun Precision Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. can provide it. Customers in need are encouraged to inquire. The R&D technical engineer of Standard Group said that abnormal failures of xenon lamp aging test chambers are a matter of great concern to customers. Regarding the abnormality judgment method, the following is a simple explanation, hoping to be helpful to every customer.

1. Manual percussion pressure method: The instrument is good and bad when it works. Most of these phenomenaThese are caused by unstable contact or weak soldering. This can be done by tapping and pressing by hand. \"Tapping\" refers to touching a board or component with a small eraser tip or other tap to a potential failure point to see if it causes errors or downtime. What we call \"hand pressure\" means that when a fault occurs, after turning off the power, press the plug-in, plug and socket again by hand, then open it to see if the fault can be eliminated. If you find that the knocking on the case is normal, but the knocking is abnormal, reinsert all connectors and try again. If that fails, you need to find another way.

2. Observation method: use vision, smell and touch. Sometimes damaged components become discolored, blistered, or have burnt spots. Burnt appliances will produce peculiar odorsulières. Shorted chips will cause burns. Soldering or desoldering is also visible to the naked eye.

3. Temperature raising and cooling method: Sometimes the instrument works for a long time or malfunctions occur when the working environment temperature is high in summer. Stop and check if it\'s normal. After stopping for a while, it will turn back on and this will be normal. After a while, the instrument will not work properly. Another malfunction has occurred. The reason for this phenomenon is that the performance of integrated circuits or individual components is poor, and the characteristic parameters at high temperatures do not meet the index requirements. To find the cause of the fault, the temperature increase method can be used. The so-called cooling means that when a fault occurs, utiread cotton fiber to rub alcohol into the possible defect area to cool it and observe whether the defect is eliminated. Heating involves artificially increasing the ambient temperature, for example by placing a soldering iron on a suspect part (be careful not to raise the temperature too much or risk damaging normal components) to see if a fault occurs.

4. State adjustment method: Under normal circumstances, do not touch the circuit components casually before the fault is determined, especially for adjustable devices, such as potentiometers . However, if re-reference measurements are taken in advance (for example, marking the position or measuring the voltage or resistance value before touching), touching is still allowed. Maybe sometimes the defect disappears after a change.

5. Isolation method: The fault isolation method does not needThere is no comparison of equipment or components of the same model and its performance is reliable. Based on the fault detection flow chart, segmented encircling gradually narrows the fault finding range, and combined with signal comparison, component exchange and other methods, the fault can generally be found quickly.

6, Troubleshooting method: The so-called elimination method is to determine the cause of the fault by disconnecting some connection boards and equipment from the plug-in board and plug-in device. After removing some cards or plug-in devices, the instrument returns to normal, indicating that a fault has occurred.

7. Replacement method: two instruments of the same model or sufficient effective spare parts are required. Replace the good part with the same part on the faulty machine to see if the fault is eliminated.

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