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AATCC Rotary Crockmeter

Author: Released in:2021-04-08 Click:646

AATCC Rotary Crockmeter
AATCC Rotary Crockmeter

AATCC Rotary Crockmeter to determine the color fastness of textiles to dry and wet rubbing particularly for printer fabrics. Applies 1134g of pressure on a 16mm finger and rotates 1.125 turns clockwise then anti-clockwise. The operating handle is however turn in one direction only.

Related Standards:
ISO 105 X16
Note: this aatcc rotary crockmeter can conform to but not limit to all the standards above, for more standards conformance, please contact us.

Technical Parameter:
A, friction head diameter: 16mm;
B, pressure: 1134 g;
C, 1.125 clockwise turn counterclockwise rotation;
D, with standard fixtures friction of the fabric;
F, spring steel sample holder is made to ensure the rapid and reproducible test results fastening specimen;
G, the device being designated AATCC

Configurations and Consumbles:
1, friction cloth in white with the European standard
2, friction cloth with American Standard
3, friction cloth in calibration
4, the standard friction sandpaper
5, friction cloth-like solid clip