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A brief analysis of the performance characteristics of laboratory nitrogen generators

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:161

Laboratory nitrogen generator is a kind of equipment used to produce high-purity nitrogen, which has significant advantages such as high-purity nitrogen, safety, reliability, environmental protection and economy. It is widely used in the current laboratory, and with the continuous development of technology, more advanced and efficient laboratory nitrogen generators will be put into use in the future.

Laboratory nitrogen generator has many performance characteristics, including the following aspects:

1. High purity nitrogen

The purity of nitrogen can be adjusted by choosing different filters and materials, which can produce up to 99.999% purity. This high-purity nitrogen can meet the needs of various laboratories, especially those requiring high-purity gases.

2. Safety

The preparation processes in the generator separates hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis of water, so there is no interference with the preparation process. By using gas under high pressure, safety risks can be avoided.

3. Reliability

It is a continuous and reliable air source device. Because the reaction principle is simple, the device is not easily damaged and has a long service life, the reliability is very high. The operation and maintenance are simple and it is a very convenient gas equipment for laboratory use.

4. Environmental protection

The production of nitrogen by electrolysis of water does not require the use of chemical reagents in the preparation process, so no harmful pollutants are produced , very environmentally friendly. In addition, the problem of venting residual gas into the atmosphere when using conventional gas cylinders is avoided.

5. Frugality

Compared with traditional gas cylinders, it is more economical to use, it can continuously produce nitrogen for a long time, reducing the frequent purchase of gas cylinders. The cost, coupled with the long service life, is more economical and practical.