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6 Tips for Preventing Pills on Clothes

Author:QINSUN Released in:2020-05 Click:779

Fabric Pilling is completely normal and will go away once the excess loose fibers are gone. It doesn’t affect the durability or functionality of the fabric. Plus, it’s easily removable with a pill shaver.it is actually a process of entanglement of fabric fibers. In the process of fabric wearing and washing, the fibers of the yarns begin to be loosened under the continuous action of external forces such as friction and washing. When the friction force is greater than the fiber strength, the fiber end of the fabric is easy to reveal the fabric surface, and gradually slip outward from the yarn to form the ring and the villi, that is, the phenomenon of the fabric’s pilling.

6 Tips for Preventing Pills on Clothes
Precaution for Pills on Clothes:
For clothes that you suspect will pill, use the washer's gentle cycle. The slower agitation and shorter wash cycle will protect your clothes. Or, choose hand washing which is even more gentle.

Before washing any garment, by hand or in a washer, turn the garment inside out. This prevents excessive abrasion to the surface of the fabric from other clothes, zippers, and buttons.

Do not overload the washer. Cramming it as full as possible does not leave room for clothes to move easily and causes damage to the surface of clothes.

Skip harsh cleaners and damaging bleaches which can weaken fibers causing them to break and pill.

Add a commercial fabric softener to the rinse cycle. The ingredients in fabric softener coat the fibers of the fabric so that abrasion is lessened.

Avoid the clothes dryer. Line dry woven fabrics and dry knitted garments on a flat surface. If using the dryer, remove delicate items as soon as possible to lessen abrasion from other fabrics.