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45 Degree Combustion Tester Installation and Maintenance Instructions

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:99

1. 45 Degree Combustion Tester Installation Instructions

1. After unpacking the new instrument, check the integrity of each component of the instrument and wipe it with a soft, dry cloth. This instrument should be placed under a fume hood or in a well-ventilated environment and away from fire sources external to the instrument system.

2. Gas source connection: The 45 degree combustion tester can use two gas sources: a micro gas tank and a large domestic tank. Users can choose according to actual conditions.

3. It is generally recommended to use micro-butane gas tanks. The connection method is simple and easy to use:

①Insert the butane gas tank and the pin should match the groove on the gas tank.

② Push the gas switch to the “ON” position, turn the valvegas counterclockwise and when the gas is released, the sound of airflow can be clearly heard.

③After use, turn the gas valve clcounterwise to the starting position, then return the gas switch to the locked state \"LOCK\"

4. If the 45 degree combustion tester is used frequently, a large external tank can also be used.

5. Electrical connection: 220VAC, 50Hz; Plug the power plug into a well-grounded power outlet to turn on the power switch. At this time, the power switch indicator on the control panel lights up, the screen lights up, and the instrument is in the test state.

2. Care and maintenance of 45 degree combustion tester

1. The burner should not be exposed to heavy objects. Impact or strong bending will prevent the burner from being damaged and affecteder the test.

2. When using a heavy hammer to stop the switch, there is no need to hang the weight too high to protect the stop switch.

3. Pay attention to cleaning combustion residues in the test chamber, as well as combustion marks on the sample clamp and on the sample interior wall.

4. The airtightness of the air passage should be checked frequently. Air leaks in the air circuit will affect the test and may also cause accidents.

5. The 45 degree combustion tester is made of metal and is prone to rust when exposed to moisture for a long time. The test environment should be kept dry and anti-rust treatment should be carried out regularly.