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│A brief discussion on the use of the atomization tester أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:138

qisnun│Let\'s talk about using the fog tester

According to search statistics, most users will perform today atomization tests on newly purchased spray guns today. we\'re going to list some of the most common error-testing methods to see if you\'ve been shot?

1. Use volatile solvent (thinner) to test spray gun

The boiling point of the volatile solvent is low. After being atomized by the spray gun, some of it has volatilized and there is not much solvent sprayed on the test card. The test results cannot be obtained accurately; and during the diluent atomization process, the observed mist is relatively drifted and unstable.

Suggestion: Test directly with paint.

<p style=\"margin: 14px 0px; padding: 0px; text-indent: 2. Directly watch the atomization effect of the spray gun

Affected by airflow, viewing angle and light, it is impossible to intuitively see whether the effect of atomization of the spray gun is normal.

Suggestion: Spray on the test plate to see the shape of the spray pattern.

3. Use incorrect spray air pressure to test the spray gun

High spray air pressure causes the spray width to distort. The tested spray width is shaped like an \"8\", with large spray widths at both ends and small in the middle. Spray air pressure results in the inability to fully atomize the paint resulting in a small spray width and concentrated paint./p>

Recommendation: Adjust the air pressure and distance according to the recommended settings in the SATA spray gun packaging box.

4. Use water to test spray width

The viscosity of water (about 11 seconds/DIN4) is lower than that of paint. Using a normal spray air pressure test, the spray width will be large at both ends and small in the middle.

Suggestion: It is best to test directly with paint. If you want to test the spray width with water, please reduce the spray pressure to half of the recommended spray pressure.

The above is atomization for referenceInteresting testing information from tester, if you need detailed reference materials, please visit: http://www.schap.cn/