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Maintenance Of Fabric Abrasion Tester

Author: Released in:2017-11-03 Click:823

Abrasion resistance tester and wear resistance tester can be replaced by wheel and weight,which apply to the abrasion resistance performance test on fabric, cardboard, paint, leather, tile, glass and natural rubber,method is simple and easy to operate,which has been widely used in various industry's testing laboratory. Abrasion tests, the material is standard wheel friction after a certain number of turns,evaluate its abrasion resistance material weightlessness rate by calculation.


The instrument is professionally designed to determine the abrasion and pilling resistance of all kinds of textile structures.Samples are rubbed against known abradents at low pressures and in continuously changing directions and the amount of abrasion or pilling is compared against standard parameters.Provided with Touch Screen Controller and unique programming device which includes programmable batch and totaliser counters, individual station counters, 4 s electable test speeds with liquid crystal display.


Abrasion wheel after pre grinding standard method, test results can reach very high consistency. Simple operation, display real-time speed, the speed control can be achieved 30-75rpm adjustment,wearing can be preset number of turns. Arm can match with balance weights, accurate weight balance abrasion arm, to realize the ASTM standard which requires 125 g pressure requirementsVacuuming mouth height is adjustable, and adapt to different thickness materials, efficient removal of debris, improve test accuracy Brand motor, mute, low noise, smooth operation Fabric Abrasion Tester



1、The instrument must be regularly cleaned and external cleaning, to ensure cleanliness

2、Regularly check test equipment to see if there are abnormal.

3、Each personnel in the use of the process follow the correct way to use, and is not a violation, to avoid damage to the instrument, resulting in shortening the life of the instrument

4、Each personnel after the use of the test instrument, the instrument shall laid out, and do the appropriate instrument cleaning to ensure clean

5、In the case of non-use, the power supply should turn off, and maintain the equipment clean