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Yarn Abrasion Resistance Tester – Abrasion Resistance Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:168

Main application:
Yarn Abrasion Resistance Tester-Abrasion Resistance Tester Mainly applicable to the determination of the abrasion resistance of textile materials such as single yarns and skeins.

Technical features:
Yarn abrasion tester abrasion testerTake uniform friction, 20-head test, detection and data processing with a microcomputer. Through the test, it can display the average number of times, the coefficient of variation of wear times, the maximum value, the minimum value and the single value of 20 yarns for each batch of tested yarns.

Technical indicators:
1. Number of test samples: 20 pieces
2. Friction method: uniform speed
3. Friction speed: about 60 times/min
4. Data output items: maximum value, minimum value, average friction times, coefficient of variation of friction times,single value
5. Output method: printing
6. The weight of the yarn abrasion tester with 20 stations: weight: 5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, 25g, 30g, 35g, 20 each
7. Abrasive: sandpaper
8 Power consumption: AC 220V, 50Hz 60W FZ/T 01058-1999 Yarn abrasion test method Reciprocating rolling method If the instrument has quality problems during normal use, if it is within the warranty period (one year ), contact the manufacturer or repair station directly using the methods indicated on the product warranty card or manual and other relevant materials. If your request is not answered, please contact our customer service in time, and we will help you protect your rights.

The user will not benefit from the one year warranty obligation in any of the following situations: temperature, unauthorized repairs, misuse, neglect, abuse, accident, alterationn, improper installation, force majeure, food or liquid spillage, normal wear and tear of the instrument, etc. Instruments outside the warranty period (one year).