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Xenon Lamp Aging Testing Machine, Automobile Interior Parts Aging Test Precautions

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:43

The application of xenon lamp aging testing machines in the automobile interior parts industry is large and widespread. Our company, qisnun Precision Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., is a textile testing instrument manufacturer and can provide various types of xenon lamp aging testing machines. Our company developed Technical engineer briefly explains the precautions of using xenon lamp aging testing machine to detect automobile interior parts.

1. To avoid reducing the instability of detection and ensure the accuracy of detection, the machine and equipment should be inspected in accordance with the advice of the machine and equipment manufacturer. Perform maintenance and calibration.

2. The test water must not leave any sediment or stain on the test samples. Humi contentThe quantity of liquid particles in commonly used water should not exceed 1 ppm, and the moisture content of sio2 should not exceed 1 ppm. does not exceed 0.2 ppm. The measurement of moisture content of sio2 should refer to ASTM D859 or ASTM D4517. The composition must be resolved by deionization and reverse osmosis to obtain water of specified purity.

3. When testing automotive parts, all sprinklers on the equipment should first be turned off to avoid accidental self-spraying on the test samples.

4. When testing automobile interior parts, install an appropriate filter so that the spectrometer power distribution (SPD) of the xenon arc lamp complies with Table D2 or D3 in Appendix D.

5. When testing automobile exterior parts, install appropriate filters to ensure that the xenon arc lamp spectrometer power distribution (SPD) meets the requirementsnces. For the typical distribution range of the spectrometer, refer to Table D1 in Appendix D. Or D3.

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