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Xenon Lamp Aging Test Machine Radiation Intensity Band

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:34

Controlling the radiation intensity band of xenon lamp aging tester is a concern for many users. Some users want to adjust the full spectrum of 290-800nm@200-1000W/M2, and some customers also want to do the 340nm@0.55W/M2 band. In fact, the xenon lamp aging test machine can control four bands of radiation intensity, that is, the same device can achieve 200-1000W/M2 (at200-800nm) adjustable, 0.2 -0.57W/M2 (at340nm) adjustable, 0.4- 1.22 W/M2 (at 420nm) adjustable, 59-61 W/M2 (at 300-400nm).

Glass filters are typically the 420 nm control point and are primarily used for photostability testing of materials indoors. To control 420 nm, the UV sensor must be equipped with a filter that can only pass in a narrow UV band of 420 nm. Objects tested by this system are generally materials damaged by light.long-wave ultraviolet light and visual light.

In the accelerated aging test, the 340nm checkpoint is widely used. For the aging test of outdoor durable products, the short-wave ultraviolet region is considered dangerous. The 340nm controller requires the installation of a UV sensor equipped with a filter that allows a narrow band of 340nm to pass. Typically, this is an ideal checkpoint for paints, plastics, roofing materials, etc. For radiation control, 0.35 or 0.55 W/㎡ is commonly used.

The lamp output of any xenon lamp aging machine degrades over time. The test chamber produced by our company Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Adopts automatic loop control system compensation. With this system, operators can preset radiation levels anduse radiation sensors to measure light in the laboratory. When the light source output is dimmed due to aging, automatic compensation can be achieved by increasing the power of the xenon lamp. Theoretically, light intensity can be detected anywhere in the xenon lamp spectrum, but only across a few bands. Irradiance control is usually performed in the central region where the material is sensitive.

In addition, the irradiance control point also changes due to different industries and applications. The specific illuminance intensity must be adapted according to the standards provided by the user. For example, a customer needs to purchase a xenon lamp aging tester. The xenon lamp weather resistance test standard it needs is SAEJ2527 automotive exterior components test requirements. For examplee, a customer needs to purchase a xenon lamp aging machine, and the xenon lamp weather resistance test standard they need is the SAEJ2527 automotive exterior components test requirements, requiring a spray temperature before and back and a spray time.

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