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Xenon lamp aging test chamber

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Product introduction

1、 Xenon lamp The aging test chamber uses a xenon arc lamp that can simulate the full sunlight spectrum to reproduce the destructive light waves that exist in different environments, and can provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated testing for scientific research, product development and quality control.

2. The xenon lamp aging test chamber can be used for the selection of new materials, changes in existing materials or evaluation of changes in durability after changes in material composition, which can be very good Simulation of changes in materials being exposed to sunlight under different environmental conditions.

3. The aging test is performed by exposing material samplesto the light and heat radiation of xenon arc lamps to evaluate the light resistance and weather resistance of some materials under the influence of high temperature light sources. Mainly used in automobiles, paints, rubber, plastics, pigments, adhesives, fabrics, etc.

Main parameters:

1. Studio size (mm) : (750×500×500) (width×depth×height)

Outer box size (mm): (1000×1200×1850) (width×depth×height)

p>2. Temperature range: 10℃~80℃

3. Humidity range: 65%~98%RH

4. Board temperature: 63℃, 100℃ (deviation ± 3℃)

5. Temperature fluctuation: ≤±0.5℃

6. Temperature uniformity: ≤±2.0℃

7. Humidity fluctuation: +2% ~-3% RH

8. Glass window filter: borosilicate glass

9. Xenon light source: imported air-cooled xenon arc light source

10. Power xenon lamp: 1.8 kW

11. Total number of lamp tubes: 1 pcs

12. Precipitation time: 1-9999minutes, continuous rainfall is adjustable

13. Rainfall cycle: 1 to 240 minutes, interval (off) rainfall is adjustable

14. Water nozzle opening: Ф0.8mm (backwater with ultra-fine filter to prevent nozzle clogging)

15. Rain water pressure: 0.12~0.15 kpa

16. Spray cycle (spray time/non-spray time): 18min/102min or 12min/48min (spray time/No water spray time) water mist pressure 0.12~0.15Mpa

17, heating power: 2.5KW

18, humidification power: 2KW

19. Infinitely adjustable light cycle time 0-999 hours

20. Spectral wavelength: 295nm-800nm ​​irradiation range 100W-800W/㎡ adjustable.

Comply with the standard:

1.1GB/T16422-2-1999 \"Plastic Laboratory Light Source Exposure Test Method Part 2: Xenon Arc Lamp\"


1.2GB12831-1991 \"Vulcanized rubber artificial weather (xenon arc) aging test method\"

1.3GB/T8430-1998 \"Textile color fastness test, xenon Arc color fastness at kunstlicht\"

1.4GB/T1865-2009 \"Paints and varnishes Artificial weathering and xenon arc radiation filtered by exposure to artificial radiation\"

1.5GB/T13448-2006 \"Colored steel plates and steel strip test method\"

1.6GB/T2423.24-1995 \"Electrical and Electronic Products Environmental Test Part 2: Test Method Test Sa: Simulation of Solar Radiation on the Ground\"

1.7 ASTMD3499-2011 \"Test Method for Toughness of plywood\"

1.8ASTMG151-2010 \"Exposure Procedures for Nonmetallic Materials in Accelerated Test Equipment Using Laboratory Light Sources\"

p>1.9ASTMG155-2005a \"Operating Procedures for Nonmetallic Materials for Xenon Arc Lamp Equipment for Material Exposure\"

1.10AATCCTM169 \"Xenon Arc Exposure Test for Weather Resistance of Textiles\"

1.11 ISO4892-2-2009 \"Plastic Laboratory Light Source Exposure Method No. 2 Part: Xenon Arc Lamp\" and other international standards

Cooling System

(1 ),Cooling System and Compressor

1. Refrigeration compressor: imported French \"Taikang\" fully enclosed refrigeration unit.

2. Cooling method: air-cooled

3. Refrigerant: environmentally friendly refrigerant R404A

4. Main refrigeration accessories: Japanese \"Sag Palace\" solenoid valve; American \"Emerson\" dry filter, etc. Air-cooled condensers and vane multi-stage evaporators of high quality domestic and foreign famous brands.

(2), cooling system benefits

1, improved lubrication performance and lower piston temperature provide greater reliability;

2, streamlined housing improves airflow management; reduces pressure and improves cooling efficiency;

3. Relief valve on the top ensures a continuous minimum pulse of the discharge line;

4. SENTRONIC provides reliable lubrication protection

5. Use environmentally friendly refrigerant R23, which is not prohibited by the Montreal or London Conventionense amendment,R404A (excluding CFC)

6. CONSTRUCTIVE MAIN FEATURES box structure and main features

Introduction to the general structure

1. The whole housing of the xenon lamp aging test chamber is made of exquisite baking paint; the inner wall of the test chamber is made of SUS304 high-quality anti-corrosion mirror stainless steel plate, with reasonable structure design, excellent manufacturing technology, and beautiful interior and exterior. According to the temperature requirements of the laboratory, the thickness of the insulation layer is designed to be 100mm. (The top is the light source box, which has advanced design, and the open type is convenient for lamp tube maintenance and repair.)

2. The insulation material between the inner box and the outer box box is high-quality ultra-fine glass fiber insulation cotton, which can withstand cold or thermal insulation all play a good role.

3. Imported seal mAterial and unique silicone sealing structure are used between the door and the door frame, which has a good sealing effect.

4. Door structure of xenon lamp aging test chamber: single door. Door locks, hinges and other hardware accessories are \"KUNLONG\" original accessories.

5. The air duct in the box uses a double circulation system, which is composed of a long-shaft axial fan, a stainless steel multi-blade centrifugal wind wheel and a circulating air duct. to increase the airflow, heating and cooling, greatly improves the temperature and humidity uniformity of the test chamber.

6. Chalkboard Temperature: Bimetallic Chalkboard Thermometer;

7. Humidification method: external insulated full stainless steel evaporative humidifier with shallow surface;

8. Heating system: completely independent system, nickel-chrome alloy electric heating heater;

9. Water supply system: the humidification of the water supply is automatically controlled by the water pump;

10. Temperature and humidity circulating system: It uses a special high-temperature resistant low-noise long-shaft fan motor and a stainless steel multi-wing impeller with high and low temperature resistance to achieve strong convection and vertical diffusion circulation.

11. Four mouthpieces are installed on the top of the studio;

12. Irradiance control: The required irradiance can be obtained by automatically controlling and adjusting the power of the radiometer (more accurate than manual measurement methods, because the test cycle of the lamp has light decay and cannot be guaranteed with relatively accurate irradiation);

13. The panel instantly displays the current lamp irradiance and cumulative irradiance intensity;

Control display interface </p

1. Automatically display the current radiation intensity

2. Intelligently adjust the current radiation intensity to the set value

3. Dynamically display rainfall, radiation, turntable, etc. Functional

4. Programmable control, 100 program groups, 99 cycles

5. Temperature measurement range (-90.00℃--200.00℃, error ±0.2℃ );

6. Humidity measurement range (1.0--100% RH, error <1% RH);

7. Communication interface (RS232C/RS485, the longest communication distance is 1.2km [up to 30km with fiber optics]);

Edit programs (100 programs can be edited, 100 segments can be shared);

8. Temperature sensor: PT100 platinum resistance temperature and humidity tester;

9. Control method: heat balance temperature adjustment method;

10. Operating main electrical components: Using \"Schneider\" and \"Omron\" components

Safety protection

1. Protection against overheating of the fanlator

2. The overall equipment is insufficient Phase/phase protection

3. Cooling system overload protection

4. Overpressure protection of the cooling system

5. Protection against overheating

6. Water pump overheating, overcurrent protection

7. Others have leakage

8. Water shortage indication

9. Automatic shutdown after fault alarm


Power supply and total power

1. Rated power: 6KW

2. Power Supply: AC380V±10%, 50HZ

3. Machine Noise: ≤70db

4. Weight: 250kg