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Xenon lamp aging test chamber simulates visible light test

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-07 Click:39

The xenon arc aging test chamber uses a xenon arc lamp that can simulate the full sunlight spectrum to reproduce the destructive light waves that occur in different environments. Natural sunlight and moisture damage materials and cause priceless economic losses every year. The damage caused mainly includes fading, yellowing, discoloration, strength reduction, embrittlement, oxidation, brightness reduction, cracking, fading and powdering. The risk of photo damage is greatest with products and materials that are exposed to direct sunlight or behind glass windows.
Visible light is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be seen by the human eye, and the range that the visible spectrum does not have; the wavelength of electromagnetic waves that can be seen by the eyes of ordinary people is between 400 and 700 nanometers, but some people cann to observe electromagnetic waves between 380 and 780 nanometers. The human eye with normal vision is most sensitive to electromagnetic waves with a wavelength of about 555 nanometers, which are in the green region of the optical spectrum. The range of light that the human eye can see is affected by the atmosphere. The atmosphere is opaque to most electromagnetic radiation, with the exception of visible light and some others such as radio communications.
Visible light wavelength range: 390~760 nanometers.
Red light: wavelength range: 760~622nm;
Orange light: wavelength range: 622~597nm;
Yellow light: wavelength range: 597~577nm;
Green light: wavelength range: 577 ~492 nm;
Blue light: wavelength range: 492~450nm;
blue light: wavelength range: 450~435nm;
purple light: wavelength range: 435~390 nm.

In the daily aging test, different equipment may differn give test results, the test results will depend on the characteristics of the test sample and the design of the test equipment, the following is the xenon lamp aging test equipment Some precautions:
1. The xenon lamp aging test equipment uses xenon arc lamp as the radiation source. The test samples are installed in the test box and the test conditions of the test samples must be guaranteed to be consistent. The test equipment must be able to automatically control the irradiance, the board temperature, the air temperature in the box and the relative humidity in the box via a certain method.
2. Xenon lamp aging test equipment shall be equipped with a black panel thermometer or a black standard thermometer.
3. The design of the xenon lamp aging test equipment must ensure that the irradiance at any position in the exposure area of ​​the test sample is at least 70% of the maximum irradiance in this geare.
4. If the irradiance furthest from the center of the exposure area is 70% to 90% of the central irradiance, the test sample should be placed in an area that can reach 90% of the maximum irradiance.