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Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber Glow Core Xenon Lamp Tube

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:136

The xenon lamp aging test chamber is used to test new materials, improve existing materials, or evaluate the durability of materials after composition changes. The overall material of this equipment is SUS304 stainless steel plate. The surface is beautiful and original. It is equipped with a filter observation window and discharges harmful gases into the air outlet. This is an electric light source that uses a xenon gas discharge, because the discharge substance in the lamp is an inert gas. The difference between the excitation potential and the ionization potential is small. The xenon lamp spectral scattering in the xenon lamp aging test chamber is a continuous spectrum part, which is almost independent of the input power change, and the spectral energy scattering in the lamp is also almost unchanged. The photoelectric parameters of the lampxenon lamps have good consistency, and the working state is less affected by the change of external conditions. Generally, the point light source is used with the optical fiber, so that the light can reach the small and dark experimental equipment like sunlight. The parallel light source is usually a single dot, and the size of the dot depends on the experimental requirements.

When the xenon lamp aging test chamber has a dark cycle with a higher relative temperature, it will cause the temperature of the test chamber to advance and form condensation. The device should clarify the dark cycle experience in the test report. The specific conditions, as a whole, are the basic characteristics of the xenon lamp aging test chamber.

The photoelectric parameters are consistent and its working conditionent is less affected by changes in external conditions. After the xenon lamp is turned on, it can achieve stable light output almost instantly, and when the lamp is turned off, it can be turned on again instantly. Xenon has a low luminous efficiency and a low potential gradient.

Composed of source light point and parallel light source, xenon light source is used as light core, equipped with professional heat dissipation system, stable power supply and device trigger to turn on and operate the xenon light source experimental equipment. Point sources are usually connected to fiber optics, so sunlight can reach small dark experimental devices like sunlight. The parallel light source is generally a single beam, and the light point fine aiming experiencenes must be adjustable.

The xenon lamp light source is an electrical light source that uses a xenon gas discharge to generate light. Since the substance discharged in the lamp is the inert gas xenon, its excitation potential is not very different from the ionization potential. The research results show that the energy diffusion of the radiation spectrum of the xenon lamp is close to sunlight, and its color temperature is about 6000K. The xenon lamp is a full-spectrum part, and its spectral dispersion has almost no relation to the change of the lamp tube input power, and the spectral energy dispersion is almost unchanged over the life of life.

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