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Why rubber strength testing together with DIN Abrasion Tester?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2016-08 Click:1097

We all know that people left the deepest impression rubber is its superior mechanical properties, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, static electricity is the preferred raw material tires, conveyor belts and so on industrial production. However, the rubber before being put into use needs to be detected rubber strength. There are some industrial products have their finished properties of rubber, high mechanical strength properties. After they are produced also needs to be detected mechanical strength. These tests work needs rubber testing machine, and DIN abrasion test machine, is related industries most widely used wear testing machine. Then DIN Abrasion Tester What are the characteristics of it? What is the principle DIN Abrasion Tester is it? I consulted the detailed Thousands of Shanghai real Precision Electrical Equipment Co., following DIN wear test machine

Principle of DIN wear test machine

Abrasion Tester DIN Abrasion Tester principle is based on the amount of wear on the contact pressure and a given area of the provisions of the cylindrical rubber samples was measured at a certain level within a certain distance of sandpaper and rubbing generated to determine the abrasion resistance of rubber. That is resistant to abrasion due to mechanical action of the material surface wear properties. In a calibrated reference sandpaper abrasion resistance can be used with respect to a standard reference to the relative volume of the amount of wear to represent the glue can also be used with respect to the wear index to a standard reference glue to represent.

Qinsun Instrument Produced DIN abrasion test machine for GB / T9867 standard rubber wear test principle is the contact pressure and provisions on a given area of the sample with sandpaper angled measurement sample at a certain level rubbing sandpaper generated abrasion resistance, sandpaper package attached to the drum surface, the specimen is pressed against the drum with sandpaper, so that lateral movement of the sample along the drum. Wear is at one end of cylindrical specimens produced, measured value of the sample mass loss, the density of the sample volume is calculated by the amount of wear

DIN abrasion testing machine for Attention areas include:
1, the need for standard rubber validity check to make sure it within one year.

2, the rotary die cutter speed checks to control the speed at 1000r / min or more, if not sharp or nicked blade needs to be replaced. General inspection method is to select a standard rubber unit, with the sample holder clamped samples were then gently rotated to rotate the sample if the situation appears, indicating that the sample is too small, and with the sample rotation, will produce abnormal sound.

3, due to the sample after the completion of pre-ground, need to go through the test again, and the position detection must be consistent with the original position, therefore, need to go through pre-ground samples labeled. If the test specimen again with the original placement position is different, it will affect the test results.

4.If excessive abrasive dust sandpaper surface, brush alone cannot be cleared in time, then after each sample test done, once cleared.

5, if the former standard rubber test the amount of wear test results differ by more than 10% of the test needs to be retested.

6, for a relatively high amount of wear rubber can be used 10m itinerary. It is worth noting that the detection method for the higher thickness of the specimen with the thickness generally not less than 4mm.

QINSUN structural precision instruments DIN abrasion test machine, which is mainly composed of a force sensor, transmitter, microprocessor, load driving mechanism, computer and color inkjet printers. DIN abrasion tester one thousand real advantages characteristic that is developed by high performance, good reproducibility and the instrument is easy to operate, high precision, welcome to inquire understanding.