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Why are the prices so different for the same genuine leather? أداة الاختبار –

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Why are the prices of the same genuine leather so different

1: Faux leather material

The Most of today\'s economy Almost all seats used in model cars are imitation leather seats. Faux leather is a synthetic material. It is composed of different formulations of PVC and PU foam or coating on a woven or non-woven base. . Faux leather seats are a relatively popular type of material and are now widely used to make various seat fabrics or replace part of genuine leather materials. Its increasingly advanced production technology is widely used in the processing and production of second layer leather. The current surface technology and fiber structure of imitation leather almost reach the effect of real leather, but it is not difficult to distinguish it if you observe and touch it carefully.

As they are not made from natural leather, the cost of faux leather seats is relatively low and the processing procedures are relatively simple. Its advantages are wear resistance, cold resistance, gloss, pattern, wide variety and more diverse colors, etc. The waterproof performance is also better than genuine leather and is easier to maintain. However, because it is an artificial material, its fit, texture and breathability are much inferior to real leather.

Two: Genuine Leather

Genuine leather is the most commonly used seat material in cars. Genuine leather is a natural material. The leather is processed from natural animal skin. A common material made by dyeing, adding a waterproof coating, and other processes. In the minds of consumers, leather seats are one of the characteristicsimportant stics that determine whether a vehicle is luxurious or luxurious. For this reason, many manufacturers cite leather seats as one of the selling points of high-end models. Its advantages include excellent texture, softness, good skin fit and strong breathability. However, its wear resistance and waterproofness are not as good as those of imitation leather and require regular maintenance and cleaning. If you accidentally spill milk, drinks and other liquids on the seats, it will be more inconvenient and harder to clean. If it is an acidic liquid, it will also be corrosive to the leather.

The processing of genuine leather is very complex. Dozens of processes are required to make finished leather: rawhide, water soaking, flesh removal, degreasing, waxing, alkaline immersion, expanding, dethatching, softening, pickling, tanning, resplitting, shaving, retanning, neutralizing, dyeing, filling, drying, finishing, painting, after these tedious procedures are applied on our car. At present, there are many types of genuine leather in automobiles, most of which are cowhide. Cowhide is divided into first layer leather, second layer leather, filmed leather, composite leather, painted split leather, etc.

Three: Nappa leather material

Nappa leather Nappa comes from French, and NThe definition of appa is the first layer of dermis. The first uses of Nappa leather come from South Korea. By the 1970s and 1980s, South Korea\'s clothing industry reached its peak. For this reason, top quality genuine leather materials have been used in clothing, bags and other supplies. To this day, many bags and other products from famous brands still use Nappa materials. . THESoft touch and fine leather are the main characteristics of Nappa leather. In today\'s luxury models, the word Nappa appears in the interior materials of many brands, gradually becoming a symbol of luxury. With the widespread use of Nappa leather, Nappa leather seats are currently also used in models such as GAC Fiat Feixiang, Zhiyue and Peugeot 508.

Nappa leather is widely used as an interior and seat material in models from brands such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Nappar leather is directly made from the original skin of animals. It is processed by removing the thicker hides of cattle, sheep and other animal hides and then cutting them into top and bottom layers. The upper part, with tight fibrous tissue, is transformed into various upper layers of skin. The use of Nappa leather creates a high quality interior atmosphere.Used for luxury brand models such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW series. As the Nappa dermis is relatively delicate, avoid contact with oily, acidic and alkaline substances. Regular and thorough cleaning with professional leather cleaning fluid plays an important role in maintaining the original appearance of the top layer of leather and prolonging its lifespan.

Four: Alcantara material

Alcantara material is used in sports cars luxury or sport. cars. An inner material is used, also called \"suede\" material. Alcantara is actually not a leather material but a synthetic material. Although it is a synthetic material, it is expensive. Compared to genuine leather, Alcantara material has greater durability and is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Its non-slip properties are comparable to those of suede,and it also has higher stain and fire resistance, which is why it was first used in racing cars.

After Alcantara material was first used in racing cars, this material was widely used in car seats, dashboards, door panels, ceilings and other parts. For example, on high-end sports cars such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, the combination of Alcantara and carbon fiber materials has become a classic, and the use of Alcantara material can be seen in almost many super car models of sport.

Five: Premium leather materials

Premium leather materials are mainly used in models high-end luxury. brands, and they use The names of the materials are also different. For example, Valonea leather is intproduced on the flagship Audi A8L model. The name of this leather comes from a type of leather called Valoneaoak. Fruit of the plant, Valonea leather is tanned using tanning agents made from this plant material. At the same time, the pure natural vegetable tanning agent provides a unique aroma to Valonea leather. Major luxury car manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce and Bentley have extensive experience in the tanning process. Experienced workers mark defects on the surface of the leather by eye and eliminate these defects during cutting. All interior leather surfaces are in their most natural state, without any artificial modifications. Therefore, high-quality pure natural leather adds a unique charm to such a high-end luxury car.

For example, all Lexus models use British brand Connollyather leather, and the flagship LS model does not only use the top leather dth range of this brand. Additionally, to ensure that the texture and color of each piece of leather is consistent, the cowhide used for each seat must also come from the same cow, and the dedicated cowhide ranches must be located within high altitudes where mosquitoes cannot survive, thus preventing the possible appearance of tiny scars. On the vehicle\'s leather seats.